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Guilty but not charged

Trump got away with it. Thanks to Republican senators Trump will be allowed to run for president again, and worse, fundraise as if he were running. Trump’s record shows he is a grifter and criminal sociopath who is free to continue in his ways. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell said that Trump was guilty of sending a mob to attack Congress after he voted not to impeach him based on a made up technicality. America remains a republic but now our history includes a party that refuses to confront criminal behavior due to the fear of a group of voters. America is now a weaker country that enemies view as an opportunity because we have citizens who are interested in attacking fellow countrymen. We have revealed ourselves as not committed to the truth (which had been our strength), and more interested in a leader who lies to us. America has a clear new weakness demonstrated by a commitment to things other than truth and justice. Foreign affairs and our internal politics will shift as a result of Trump. America’s intelligence and police agencies will now be diverted to domestic terrorism because Trump needs threats to get what he wants. Every citizen will need to be more focused, and active, to prevent the rise of authoritarians who are fine with breaking a republic that does not give them what they want.

Do you have to prove Coup?

Trump telegraphed that he was going to use the threat of violence throughout his political career. Violence against protestors at his events, politicians who challenged him, anyone who dared to confront his criminal or corrupt behaviors. Trump lost the election and is too cowardly to face his own failure. Trump’s supporters are people with similar issues who believe that they are entitled to have their pathetic egos stroked no matter who is injured in the process. Everyone saw Trump set the stage for the assault on the US Capitol, and then send twisted fools who believe in him more than the US Constitution to attack it. The world, and America, must now watch the cowardice, and amoral lust for power by Republican senators play out; as they turn themselves into pretzels to rationalize an attempt to overthrow our republic. Watch the impeachment hearings and don’t forget who is a leader in our republic, and who wants Trump to get away with it so that they can improve his formula. Would-be tyrants are cowards who first suck up to those in power in the hope that one day they will have it. If you love our freedoms as Americans don’t forget those who will not protect our republic when it is under threat.


The American legal system has to capture and punish the terrorists and criminals who assaulted and sacked the US Capitol. The mere fact that this must be stated is an indictment of systemic white supremacy in America. Many Americans think the Capitol assault was not a big deal, and a few people got out of control. The same people would be ready to declare war and invade another country if the same assault had been staged by Iranians or Chinese. If the attack had been staged by Black Americans the death toll would have been tremendous. America has an issue with racism, and it threatens to become a lot worse if white supremacist terrorism is not dealt with appropriately. The focus of the attack was to take the defeat of Donald Trump and create victory by deleting unwanted votes (both minority and white votes). The plan was a repeat of what took place in 1876 to end Reconstruction, beginning the Jim Crow era of racial marginalization and segregation. The lies about the election being stolen were not challenged by most Republicans or the conservative media echo chamber. Truth and justice were not even speed bumps in the pursuit of a reinforced system of white supremacy. Whether people claimed to be evangelicals, QAnon, proud boys, or Klu Klux Klan, the truth was not deemed to be worthy of consideration to keep a lying Trump in office for four more years. Four more years of corruption, abuse, and lies to create a revised America that no longer respected the Constitution. For America to move forward in strength we must believe and act as if ‘knowing the truth will set us free’ to paraphrase Jesus.

Fighting Back

The current president has bullied his party into doing what ever he desires without facing anyone willing to stand up to him until Mr. Romney today. Democrats are being forced to fulfill the role of standing up to the bully. Our society is morphing into an organization that does not deal with the truth, but makes excuses for cowering in front of the bully. If the bully lies the party members pretend he is not serious, or that they have not heard what he said. If the bully commits illegal acts; party members pretend that the behavior was not serious or that it was not meant as it appears. The character of America is on the line. You cannot claim to be moral or ethical while tolerating a stream of lies, criminality, and corruption from the people you support for positions of power. Democrats will have to fight for our republic, and some of it will not be pleasant. Speaker Pelosi tearing up a copy of a speech filled with lies is an example of pushing back against the bully with more than just words.

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The case against Trump

The impeachment managers for the House of Representatives have presented a strong case that the current president deserves to be removed from office for his failure to carry out his duties, and undermining our republic. Trump has done everything he can to keep the truth from coming out, and then he states that the Democrats have no witnesses. Citizens will likely be the final deciders on Trump in the elections to come in 2020. The United States may have to survive the humiliation of a major political party (the Republicans) participating in a coverup by not calling any witnesses for Trump’s impeachment. I hope our country emerges stronger than ever and more committed to democracy after this nightmare is over.

Did he, or didn’t he

Lev Parnas has released documents and an interview that show The current president was soliciting assistance from a foreign government for the 2020 US presidential election. Clear criminal behavior on several levels that must be confronted by our leaders on multiple levels including legally. Should the senate fail to take the assault on our elections and Constitution seriously then the republic will be undermined. Send your senators a clear message that you demand a fair and impartial hearing of all the evidence available. There is an application called “5 Calls” that you can use to contact your representatives. Be a citizen and demand the US Constitution be defended and taken seriously by Mitch McConnell and every member of the US Senate.

Desperation or ?

It is not everyday that you see the president at an athletic event marching with the military representatives for the national anthem. That is a lot of symbolism at a major event that is not about politics or government. There was a time when we got a break from needy politicians facing impeachment proceedings, but not now. It is all Trump all the time, and I hope it is over soon. I look forward to sports without politics being inserted to divide the country, or win praise for insecure office holders.

Impeachment and/or War?

Americans are living in a time of lies and delusion brought on by choices that have been made by angry and emotional people; both leaders and voters. The truth is out there but we are stuck with leaders who think everything is politics because they don’t respect the intelligence of the voters. When the truth is a commodity politicians will push the limits, and we are at a point where the price of lies will likely be disastrous. Multiple American institutions are under attack from the Constitution to the military. America’s enemies could not ask for more opportunities to diminish the country. American citizens have a lot at risk. The future possibilities for us are a hollow Constitution and chaotic government, another endless war, and leadership that is emboldened to degenerate criminality.

Thoughts on the new year

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2020 will be a pivotal year in world and US history. America will make a decision about it’s character, and future in a profound election between stark choices. Donald Trump cannot be confused for a statesman, decent person, or benevolent democratic leader. Everyone voting for him at some level realizes they have a target or two in mind for him to go after. The bad news is that by selling their liberty for perceived protection or benefits Trump voters risk losing them as Benjamin Franklin warned. The bad news gets worse when you consider The limitations of the current president. Four more years of not addressing the climate crisis and bowing to Putin could potentially weaken human rights and democracy around the world. The triumph of the oligarchs can be halted, but only if the truth is not smothered by lies and indifference.

A Real Constitutional Trial?

Will the United States Senate stand up for the American people and demand a real trial to hold the president accountable? It remains to be seen what will happen with Trump and his impeachment. If there are enough senators who revere the constitution and our way of life more than they fear not being re-elected we may have a chance to see our leaders pursue truth rather than a cover up. I am hopeful that there are enough good people to maintain our republic rather than allow the oligarchs to take over the United States. The shining city on a hill may be tarnished due to Trump, but it has not been burned to the ground yet and it can still emerge more beautiful than ever. I love the United States of America and what it ideally stands for. Christianity Today’s opinion piece asking for Trump to be removed hit a nerve of hope for our country. The fight for America is not over yet. Long live the republic!