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Is it Pardon season?

Donald Trump has started a new round of dealing out pardons to co-conspirators, and criminals who are friends. Trump may even try to pardon himself before he is done with his term and try to make his run to 2024 and a second term. Trump will try to convince voters that he is being attacked if anyone tries to hold him accountable for his actions. Agent Orange will try to create fear in the new administration with threats of violence by his followers if anyone attempts to enforce the rule of law. 2021 must be a time of courage and fortitude by the Biden administration, Congress, and relevant state attorneys general if America is to have a future. Trump cannot be allowed to place himself above the law and return to the presidency as an autocratic agent of chaos, fascism, or a foreign power. Every American who stood up for the republic, and has not brought into the lies dispensed by pro-Trump media must push for equal enforcement of the rule of law. Think of what it will mean if future presidents are able to ignore Congress, the courts, and promise pardons to their co-conspirators if caught. The next months will determine the future and current strength of our republic. Research what you can do to hold your representatives and the powerful accountable; act to protect your civil rights!

Will the Republic hold?

We are experiencing the unthinkable. A president is actively working to overthrow the will of the people as expressed in an election with several Republican officials supporting him. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the Republican Georgia Secretary of State to push using his power to throw Democratic votes away. Trump is soliciting state legislators to overthrow their elections and appoint electors to pick him and not Biden who won. Trump has been referred to as the poster boy for White privilege because he has gotten away with so much criminality and corruption. The world is watching at a story that is not about one man, it is about a nation at war with itself. Is our republic important enough to the majority of Americans to be maintained in the face of Trump’s assault, or is white supremacy more valued? We have failed many tests in the last five years; allowing Trump to emerge as a politician based on the racist Birther lie, not scrutinizing his finances, electing him despite numerous red flags, etc. Americans rose up to stop the madness in the election of 2020; leading to another period of anxiety as we watch Republicans fail to care about decency or the republic. The outcome is not clear, but this cannot go on forever, so think of ways to empower people who represent your values and respect our votes.

The search for Equality in America

Joe Biden’s election to the presidency and how people voted is telling. More than 72 million people voted for Trump despite 4 years of watching his corruption, incompetence, racism, and lying. People of color claim they want systemic inequality removed and a chance to develop wealth. I define equality as an equal chance to be successful with dignity and respect for everyone. No one discusses the other side’s view of our society; Republicans say they do not want universal healthcare or other equalizing policies, and do not recognize unequal treatment based on race or ethnicity. The question for America is; are we committed to liberty and justice for all, or will enough Americans buy into an authoritarian style government as long as it preserves white supremacy? 77 million plus citizens voted to continue the American experiment and strive toward a more perfect union. We have not resolved the question of our future course as a nation yet, but the Biden administration will be significant in predicting our future.

Warriors not Worriers

Time has almost expired for everyone who recognizes the threat of Trump, to confront your concern with a plan. Scientist say that some are born with a genetic predisposition to worry, but these worriers can change by modifying their behavior. Making a plan and working that plan when confronted by fear or anxiety can change a worrier into a warrior. Warriors are not just those who go off to fight in war, they are people who use their minds and determination to overcome adversity or challenge. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fanny Lou Hamer, Gandhi, John Lewis and others are examples of those who did not use violence, but their minds and abilities to turn fear or despair into hope. We see examples of warriors today in people like Stacey Abrams, Lebron James, and Alicia Garza. Become a warrior for truth and justice; as John Lewis said make “Good Trouble” and stand up when you see wrong. The election of 2020 is just the first step in a long road to save humanity and the environment that makes our civilization possible. Everyday citizens will have to get engaged and stay that way with the determination to not just be bystanders. If you have not already voted, plan your vote and be prepared for resistance, but do not give up on your rights or your voice.

Louisville, Kentucky

I am still recovering from the results of the Grand Jury in Louisville and what it means to the rest of us. We have laws that say we can defend our homes from invasion by outsiders, but most of the witnesses say the police did not identify themselves in a late night raid. Only one witness of thirteen said he heard the police identify themselves. One officer was spotted with a body camera, but official reports say there was not one. The officers that carried out the no-knock warrant were not the same ones who investigated the case. The casual errors leading to a major catastrophic event are not excusable and the people of Louisville deserve a full accounting of how a citizen was killed. The officers should be held accountable for any behaviors that led to loss of life just like any other citizen. As a society we cannot have super citizens or lesser citizens. The protection and jeopardy of the law should always be predicated on transparency and truth. Vote in 2020 to strengthen decency and truth! Like the heroes of my book Centurion Crew (available on Amazon) act to protect our republic.

Millennial voters

There is a lot of reporting that millennial voters are not motivated about the upcoming elections. I hope the reporting is incorrect because no group will be impacted more than younger citizens. The continuation of our republic, civil rights, economic growth, climate policy, healthcare policy, and infrastructure development are all on the ballot. If America makes the wrong choice in 2020 there will be a series of unfortunate events accelerating the demise of decent culture and civilization. If you know a millennial or are one; make sure you share the importance of voting with someone who is struggling with priorities and choices. The choice this year is clear and stark. Vote in 2020 like your life depended on it; it does!

Michelle Obama is right!

I watched Michelle Obama speak tonight and I was amazed at her accuracy in describing our predicament and our challenge. Americans must define themselves and get rid of Trump and the Republican majority in the senate. The future of our nation and the world depends on this election. Trump threatens to not leave the White House if he loses while attacking the US postal service with no evidence. As outrageous and threatening to the republic as Trump is; his threat to the climate is the final nail in the coffin of our human future on the planet. He wants to remove restrictions on methane leaks from oil exploration that major oil companies say are important to fighting climate change. Trump has repeatedly shown that he is ignorant, does not care about humanity, and thrives on casual cruelty. Trump says outrageous things and acts like he is running a criminal organization rather than a government. If America does not rebuke the abomination of his presidency we will be damning ourselves in more ways than one. Please vote like the future and your life depends on it because they do. Research and vote Democrat up and down the ballot in 2020!

Essential workers and other heroes

Many Americans are still at work putting themselves and their families at risk for COVID-19. We call them names like essential workers, but they are just people who want to do their part and make a living, The president and others are pushing for things to quickly get back to normal with as many businesses as possible open. The only problem with the complete re-opening of the economy (that everyone wants) is we have no plan to combat COVID-19 being implemented. American leadership has failed on a massive scale. We live in an America with many heroes but Republican political leaders display cowardice while pushing for others to pay the price. Teachers, store clerks, bus drivers, and others should not have everything placed at risk while being treated like canon fodder by Trump and McConnell with no health insurance. Our country is facing pandemics of privilege, greed, corruption, racism, and COVID-19. Most of these pandemics have been with us for awhile and periodically erupt threatening to consume us. Our sense of decency and fairness should push us to value and protect our fellow citizens. Nature is pushing us to adapt to challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. We must begin to build a better America before time runs out.

John Lewis believed

John Lewis was great a American who built a reputation of standing up for liberty and justice everyone. We say liberty and justice for all in our pledge of allegiance regularly, but we still struggle to achieve that lofty goal. Some Americans believe in a just society while clearly others are not interested in equal rights, or justice. An example is the upcoming election where Republicans do not want mail-in ballots because more people might vote. John Lewis had faith in people; if they knew the truth they would move toward liberty and justice for all. Right wing media regularly distorts the truth to support policies that are unfair and will lead to failures like the current pandemic. America has been a great country because we made decisions based on truth while pursuing the growth of human potential. Over time more citizens have become able to pursue happiness but now some want to return to a great time in the past. The United States is not going back to the past without destroying itself. We need more believers in peace and justice like John Lewis to continue our movement toward our potential, as we leave the filth of fascism behind.

Threat to America

Donald Trump talks about conspiracies, fake news, and how the election will be stolen if vote by mail is allowed. While Tump questions the upcoming vote he does not fund efforts to secure the election and asks foreign powers for help. Trump follows anti-democratic actions like these with threats to citizens (like the COVID-19 response, unmarked federal agents kidnapping protesters, attempting to destroy the ACA). This president appeals to the worst of America while trying to create confusion and distrust of institutions like the CDC and FBI built by our tax dollars. Trump pushes to divide Americans and increase strife throughout our society, but never says anything negative about Vladimir Putin or Russia. How much more of a threat will we allow him to become? Research and vote in 2020.