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The perversity of Racism

Racism leads people to behave and think in ways that diminish themselves and others. Americans have struggled with attacking others while appearing not to or maintaining plausible deniability for a long time. This evil has caused issues and pain that drag the nation down. The country is threatened by the smallness in people who want to have two sets of rules; one for us and another for them. This embrace of fundamental evil must be broken for the United States to reach its potential. The United States shocked the world when President Barrack Obama was elected because other countries could not do what we had done. Choosing a minority group member for the most powerful position in government is unheard of around the world. Now we shock the world with our electoral pendulum swing to overt racism, fascism, incompetence, and xenophobia in the form of Trump. Evil will always be around but we do not have to accept it or give it a place in our society. We are capable of better as a species and time is running out. Ending the Trump administration is about the soul of America; a country so many amazing people have sacrificed to build. Think, research, communicate, pray, and vote in every election.

Long game and Short game

Citizens who want a better future need to be active and engaged in the coming months and beyond. Good people need a long and a short game to bring about change in society. A lot has happened in the short amount of time since George Floyd’s killing, but much more needs to be done for real change. Leaders are emerging who focus on benchmarks and bringing people together to get things done. America will change if most of us want it to happen. The challenge for leaders and caring citizens is to develop the habit of following up. We will all have to monitor what is going on in our society and demand that media works for us, not against us. The saying that you need to “inspect what you expect” must be brought to life if we are to fight climate change, create a just society, and improve our republic. Social media and people power have been harnessed to challenge the status quo which makes the continuous effort that leads to change possible. All of us can research, communicate, and vote in today’s society with a minimum of effort (provided there is no voter suppression); it is the least we can do for a decent future. We must all remember the words from the Bible “Without a vision the people perish”.

Ebbs and Flows

American history is filled with episodes of African-Americans making contributions or gains and then experiencing systemic attacks to preserve white supremacy. This is the ebb and flow of the movement toward our potential as a country; highs and lows. After the Civil War and Reconstruction blacks were targets of terrorism by the newly formed Klu Klux Klan. Successful businesspeople and farmers were specific targets for jealous whites who were threatened by any black success. Black troops returning from World War I feeling that they deserved the rights of citizenship were attacked to ‘put them in their place’. African-American veterans returning from World War II were targeted by systemic racism working to maintain white supremacy leading to the Civil Rights movement. The election of the first African-American president led to the white supremacist birther movement and the election of Donald Trump. The ebbs and flows of the movement towards America’s potential continues. We live in difficult times where it is easy to see that the death of the American republic could happen. Participate in the flow toward justice and dignity for all people and vote in 2020!

The republic or the oligarchy

Some say the choice is between America or Trump, but if you look beneath the surface there is more. We are choosing between our current republic and an oligarchy. An oligarchy is rule by the few similar to what is taking place in Russia under Putin and his friends. Trump and his friends are the American oligarchy in waiting. Who are Trump’s friends? We know that he believes Vladimir Putin over the American intelligence agencies because he said so. We must assume that Mr. Putin is a friend of Trump. Other friends of Trump could only be identified by his tax returns and his trail of transactions. As Trump himself says he loves money and the people who give it to him. We will be making the most important vote of our lifetimes in November. Many have tried to get away with crime, but Trump will have done so if he wins. The statute of limitations will run out on many charges Trump is facing if he achieves another term as president. The American republic will be destroyed by a Trump victory as well as our reputation and soft power. Trump is ignorant, but he is not as dumb as he pretends to be. He knows how to run a scam and not end up in jail (so far). Research the facts through multiple sources and vote to save our republic in 2020!

Removing Confederate symbols

Systemic racism seeks to produce inequality through: 1. fear created by terrorism that is sanctioned but denied 2. Cultural symbols that reinforce beliefs in the system of inequality 3. Mental and physical attacks at the micro and macro levels to maintain the system 4. Political,social, cultural and economic resources unevenly allocated. Events in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota revealed systemic racism in action that this time have sparked extended outrage. The battle for civil rights for African Americans is a continuation of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Northern and southern whites reached agreement after Reconstruction to create second-class citizenship for black people. Confederates who had been traitors to the United States were elevated to hero status as a symbol of white supremacy. The Confederate traitors were not considered in a negative light because that was reserved for black people. Whites were elevated to a status of having the benefit of the doubt, while blacks were assumed guilty of something. Taking down the symbols of treason that subtly promote racism is a milestone on the road to fulfilling American potential.

Trump or America?

The last four years and recent events have spelled out the choice that we have ahead of us: 1. Donald Trump and more insanity 2. The American republic and the orderly pursuit of our potential as a nation. A large percentage of citizens have been deceived by media hacks and politicians to believe that Trump will bring success for them. Another large percentage of citizens believe in the American republic and shared prosperity based on hard work paying off. The second group of citizens see Trump for what he is; an amoral opportunist who wants to change our government towards authoritarianism. After speaking to Russian President Putin today Trump attacked peaceful protesters to appear strong in a photo opportunity. Trump sees Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. Putin’s motto is said to be “anything for my friends, and for my enemies the law”. The current president is following in Putin’s footsteps with Bill Barr using the Justice department to help allies and pursue those who threaten Trump with truth. Four more years of Trump likely spells the end of the American republic. Do your own research, spread the word, make sure you are registered, and vote in 2020.

Racism and our current reality

Donald Trump rode to prominence questioning Barrack Obama’s citizenship by claiming he was not born here. Trump lied saying he had evidence but later admitted he had none after successfully using racism to takeover the Republican Party and become president. Trump continues to lie as our system of justice continues to victimize African Americans and working-class people. It seems that every year we experience black citizens being killed in horrific videos or stories with things getting worse as the weather heats up. Poor people in urban areas riot to vent rage, while rural and suburban folks vote for radical conservatives who want to pack courts to minimize civil rights. America’s war with itself weakens the country and our enemies celebrate it. Under Trump our image around the world has never been lower while our allies make plans to move forward without American leadership. We need a new president desperately not to change things in the short term, but because we are heading in a hopeless direction.

Civil Rights for all citizens

America continues to struggle with equal rights and treatment for all citizens. The recent killing of a citizen in Minneapolis by police while being recorded underlines the inequity in our country. Republicans actively block access to healthcare and voting even though it would benefit society to increase both. Tolerance for lies and liars has taken control of the Republican Party with the next target likely to be society in general. Election 2020 is the most consequential vote in recent history because we are heading towards a terrible future, I think that we should question and strengthen every institution to protect our republic, and it starts with a massive turnout in 2020.

Government that leverages America’s strength

We need new leadership for the United States. It is not a mystery to people who believe that truth and facts provide the firm basis for our continued success. A government that searches for truth, shares it with the people, and develops strategies based on the synergy produced by smart people. The American Dream is based on average people reaching extraordinary achievement by working together under a social contract and sharing the rewards. Today the world and America is threatened by oligarchs who want create super citizens who gain status, privilege, and power through proximity to the leader. The leader typically gains and maintains power through lies, threats, and violence (ex. Putin in Russia). America cannot allow our strength to be destroyed by lies and conspiracy theories. We have to relentlessly pursue the truth, vote in 2020, and make sure those who threaten the republic are held accountable.

Shooting in Georgia is revealing

The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery revealed systemic white supremacy battling truth and decency to rule America. It took almost 2 full months for law enforcement to do anything even though they had the video that has sparked so much outrage. District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and others sworn to defend all citizens decided that some citizens have more rights than others. They watched a man being pursued and murdered for no cause but felt unmoved to take a legal or moral stand. As the world saw the same video people were horrified to watch an unarmed man who had committed no crime confronted and shot to death. The judgement of the world sparked legal authorities to act almost two months too late when their colleagues were legally and morally silent. I think that there are more people of good faith who believe in God, will stand with the truth, and value their souls than not. Every confrontation between good and evil presents the same equation. I hope we do better this time than the Trayvon Martin case in 2012.