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Rule of Law in a draw?

The testimony at the impeachment hearings today is a reminder that the law is what the jury says it is. The president and his chief of staff may virtually admit a quid pro quo (or extortion or bribe) to help his reelection campaign with an investigation from Ukraine bought about by his holding up military aid, but it may not matter. The United States will not continue to be what it has been since World War II or even a beacon of light in the world. It will be a sad day and it could happen very soon. I hope as the evidence mounts that our leaders will act on the facts and the defend the constitutional ideas that our country is based upon.

More evidence of guilt

The impeachment hearings today turned up more evidence of guilt as the president attempted to intimidate Ambassador Yvonavich. The lies and conspiracies mount as the investigations continue. Roger Stone is found guilty on 7 counts, as civil servants step forward to say that they overheard conversations about bribing the Ukrainian president with American tax payer funds for defense. Patriotic Americans hope that our elected representatives recognize the truth and stand up to defend the republic. Russia has been on a roll racking up victories over the United States, but I feel that is about to end soon because Americans are not fools. I want a strong two party (at least) political system in America that is based on facts. If we look at facts it is clear that the legislative branch must act to protect our republic.

Getting Stranger and Stranger

The impeachment hearings kicked off today with a bang! It was tough to watch grown men and women on the republican side spinning ridiculous lies to defend their leader. Why would anyone want to deny reality to save one person and put billions at risk? This story is not going to end well if the majority does not rise up to return the rule of law over the personality cult. Pray for all of the people involved in this difficult situation (impeachment) to find the strength to stand with the truth, and not be bullied. Since the president wanted Ukraine to put out a sound bite for his 2020 campaign to get taxpayer funded aid; it is clear that Democrats have no choice but to impeach. I don’t think the president can stop himself from criminality, and using the powers of the presidency to do it.

The truth coming out

One of the fundamental beliefs of patriotic Americans is the critical importance of the truth. All of our great institutions are built on the bedrock of truth and fact. Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”, and this belief has led to the greatness of our republic. It is implied by the statement that lies enslave us, and we have a person in the presidency who lies a lot. It is up to every decent American to confront the issues in front of our country in pursuit of the truth and facts. We do not need to worry about an elected official’s feelings or fortunes, but the future of our country.

Veterans Day thoughts

Veterans Day is a time for saying thank you to the men and women who have served to protect our republic and it’s ideals. Many who served lost everything, and some endured life altering injury. We owe a lot to those who have served. Every citizen should push for a more perfect union by searching for the truth about the issues and voting for representatives and leaders who will solve them. Every representative at any level of government should take their oath to their constituents seriously, and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Today’s issues of the executive using tax payer funds to help his re-election campaign are a slap in the face to the sacrifices so many have made. Let’s get America back on the side of truth and justice for all.

Quid pro Quo?

The president tried to use tax payer funds in exchange for an attack on a political rival in the 2020 campaign. That is a crime on multiple levels. The president has broken his oath of office as the highest elected official in our country; that is crime one because he is using funds that are not his for political advantage. The president is also targeting American citizens by leveraging foreign leaders with tax payer money; another crime. The president is offering a bribe to foreign leaders to help him in his next political election; another crime. The president is trying to say that what he has done is business as usual; a moral crime at minimum. The president lies and says that everyone behaves like this to the American people; another moral crime at minimum. The president pulls the American people in a direction that undermines trust in our system; a moral crime at minimum. Many people believe that the president is beholden to Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs of Russia for saving his real estate business; true or not America has a problem to deal with.

No Sunshine Patriots

Civil servants are standing up for American values when elected representatives shirk their duties and allow tyrannical behavior to flourish. It seems the only truth tellers who stand up for the country are people who are paid to work in anonymity. To those who have stood up for truth I say thank you, and you are in my prayers. Those who run to be elected as leaders and act like they don’t recognize right from wrong; I hope you see the truth someday. As you observe this assault on our republic make sure you are doing something to resist the forces of tyranny, and maintain the rule of law.