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Is it Pardon season?

Donald Trump has started a new round of dealing out pardons to co-conspirators, and criminals who are friends. Trump may even try to pardon himself before he is done with his term and try to make his run to 2024 and a second term. Trump will try to convince voters that he is being attacked if anyone tries to hold him accountable for his actions. Agent Orange will try to create fear in the new administration with threats of violence by his followers if anyone attempts to enforce the rule of law. 2021 must be a time of courage and fortitude by the Biden administration, Congress, and relevant state attorneys general if America is to have a future. Trump cannot be allowed to place himself above the law and return to the presidency as an autocratic agent of chaos, fascism, or a foreign power. Every American who stood up for the republic, and has not brought into the lies dispensed by pro-Trump media must push for equal enforcement of the rule of law. Think of what it will mean if future presidents are able to ignore Congress, the courts, and promise pardons to their co-conspirators if caught. The next months will determine the future and current strength of our republic. Research what you can do to hold your representatives and the powerful accountable; act to protect your civil rights!

The vote for the future

There has been a lot of information shared about the election of 2020. Many people feel that politics does not change anything, but I feel their numbers are falling. Trump and the COVID pandemic have shown rational people that leadership matters, but a large number of people seem to base their choice on a few specifics like abortion, judges, and immigration. It is interesting that these specifics involve controlling other people. I think that Trump voters want a world where they feel entitled and advantaged over other people. Trump provides these people with constant attacks and others to hate; he even encourages mistreatment of certain groups while maintaining deniability with claims he is not serious. The issue that lies below all the talk from Trump is the corrosion of the rule of law, science, and decency. Trump pushes the idea of the law as a tool for some against others who are not part of the group. Trump’s practices represent an end to the ideas that are central to the ideals United States Constitution. The election of 2020 is pivotal to not just the United States but the future of mankind as dictators and authoritarian regimes appear to be on the rise. Democracy and human rights used to be supported by the United States but this is in decline under Trump. The American citizen is the last bulwark against a wave of selfishness, corruption, and degeneration. Research and vote because as the saying goes “Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty”.

The voting has started in the most important elections of our lives

Notice that the title is the most important elections of our lives; plural and not singular. Every voter needs to realize that it is not just about Trump, but the Republican Party that has enabled our current reality to exist. Trump and his administration have been on a four year spree with no accountability while Republicans are still after Hillary Clinton’s emails. Four years ago Republicans said a new Supreme Court justice should not even be considered while primary elections took place, and now they are pushing a selection after general elections have started. Americans are seeing politicians and leaders lie, cheat, and steal on a massive scale; America is at an inflection election and will normalize kleptocracy or re-animate our republic. If Joe Biden wins he will need a Senate and House of Representatives to do anything substantial like healthcare. Gerrymandering and police abuse will continue if state representatives, mayors, city councils, district attorneys, and other local politicians are not focused on respect and justice for all citizens. Learn about the candidates and issues then vote up and down the ballot in 2020, and every election!

Why don’t Republicans stand up?

Donald Trump is an outrageous criminal liar who doesn’t care about much beyond himself. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that the current president is unfit to hold any office. The real question are the motives of all Republican office holders and voters for Trump. In the face of growing evil why do these people stick with a monstrous effort to destroy America and any semblance of law and order? The outrages and assaults on the Constitution are too numerous to name, but Trump supporters in the Senate, Fox “News”, and state houses across the country remain. Many Democrats are shocked that the hatred is this intense, but the reality is clear and every American must be ready to stand for what they believe in. I hope that the vote against the current regime is overwhelming and that we start to move toward civility as a country. Every American should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020!

Louisville, Kentucky

I am still recovering from the results of the Grand Jury in Louisville and what it means to the rest of us. We have laws that say we can defend our homes from invasion by outsiders, but most of the witnesses say the police did not identify themselves in a late night raid. Only one witness of thirteen said he heard the police identify themselves. One officer was spotted with a body camera, but official reports say there was not one. The officers that carried out the no-knock warrant were not the same ones who investigated the case. The casual errors leading to a major catastrophic event are not excusable and the people of Louisville deserve a full accounting of how a citizen was killed. The officers should be held accountable for any behaviors that led to loss of life just like any other citizen. As a society we cannot have super citizens or lesser citizens. The protection and jeopardy of the law should always be predicated on transparency and truth. Vote in 2020 to strengthen decency and truth! Like the heroes of my book Centurion Crew (available on Amazon) act to protect our republic.

Corrupt politicians running law and order campaigns

We live in interesting times; a president identified as an unnamed co-conspirator and the object of many legal investigations claims he is the last hope of law & order. Many knowledgeable pundits say the president is desperate to win in part because he will have to face legal accountability if he does not. I hope it matters to most Americans that criminals are brought to justice and not remain in power directing legal forces to attack his foes. The degeneration of America will be complete if the president is re-elected. It has been said that this election is really between white supremacy and the ideals of America. I hope the ideals of America are victorious. Research and vote in 2020!

Shining City on a Hill, or Wild Animal Park?

The issues America faces are numerous and daunting. From healthcare to justice reform there is a lot to do. Americans have many blessings, but we have allowed fear to dominate our society for a long time. People fly American flags dedicated to support for police, while others march for police accountability. Why are the police a lightning rod in our society? Has money and greed become more important than the basic wellbeing of our countrymen? Are we at war with each other and using the justice system as a substitute for a social contract? America has one of the lowest rates of social mobility and the highest incarceration rate of the industrialized democracies. If you are born to a lower class you are more likely to be stuck there here in the USA than similar countries. Americans are afraid of each other and the current uptick in gun purchases highlights that fact. We have more guns than people and we still don’t have enough. The election of 2020 will clearly be a pivotal vote for America as we will define ourselves for the future. A vote for hope can put us back on track as an exemplar nation, the shining city on a hill, or we can be deceived into the chaos and fear of the wild animal park.

Removing Confederate symbols

Systemic racism seeks to produce inequality through: 1. fear created by terrorism that is sanctioned but denied 2. Cultural symbols that reinforce beliefs in the system of inequality 3. Mental and physical attacks at the micro and macro levels to maintain the system 4. Political,social, cultural and economic resources unevenly allocated. Events in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota revealed systemic racism in action that this time have sparked extended outrage. The battle for civil rights for African Americans is a continuation of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Northern and southern whites reached agreement after Reconstruction to create second-class citizenship for black people. Confederates who had been traitors to the United States were elevated to hero status as a symbol of white supremacy. The Confederate traitors were not considered in a negative light because that was reserved for black people. Whites were elevated to a status of having the benefit of the doubt, while blacks were assumed guilty of something. Taking down the symbols of treason that subtly promote racism is a milestone on the road to fulfilling American potential.

Culture of Lying

We currently have political leadership more beholding to Trump and the Republican Party than the United States Constitution. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are not pillars of morality or decency, but they control our government for the worse. Both men appear motivated by ego and the desire to profit from their office. They use partisan motives to weaken institutions while relatives and friends are placed in positions of power. Their chosen ones gain access to resources and opportunities that others cannot get. McConnell covers for Trump and he gives him judges, etc. Republican senators stand with these two men out of fear, cowardice, and a lack of conviction. People see the criminality in Washington DC, and getting away with murder is more than political when police officers kill an unarmed man, on camera, in daylight. It is becoming obvious that our society is threatened by a growing culture of official criminality and lying. America faces the mother of all elections while Republicans fear more people participating, and fight the expansion of voting by mail (during a pandemic). Only citizens can put an end to this rot. Have a plan, do your homework, and vote every time starting in 2020!

Trump or America?

The last four years and recent events have spelled out the choice that we have ahead of us: 1. Donald Trump and more insanity 2. The American republic and the orderly pursuit of our potential as a nation. A large percentage of citizens have been deceived by media hacks and politicians to believe that Trump will bring success for them. Another large percentage of citizens believe in the American republic and shared prosperity based on hard work paying off. The second group of citizens see Trump for what he is; an amoral opportunist who wants to change our government towards authoritarianism. After speaking to Russian President Putin today Trump attacked peaceful protesters to appear strong in a photo opportunity. Trump sees Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. Putin’s motto is said to be “anything for my friends, and for my enemies the law”. The current president is following in Putin’s footsteps with Bill Barr using the Justice department to help allies and pursue those who threaten Trump with truth. Four more years of Trump likely spells the end of the American republic. Do your own research, spread the word, make sure you are registered, and vote in 2020.