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Is it Pardon season?

Donald Trump has started a new round of dealing out pardons to co-conspirators, and criminals who are friends. Trump may even try to pardon himself before he is done with his term and try to make his run to 2024 and a second term. Trump will try to convince voters that he is being attacked if anyone tries to hold him accountable for his actions. Agent Orange will try to create fear in the new administration with threats of violence by his followers if anyone attempts to enforce the rule of law. 2021 must be a time of courage and fortitude by the Biden administration, Congress, and relevant state attorneys general if America is to have a future. Trump cannot be allowed to place himself above the law and return to the presidency as an autocratic agent of chaos, fascism, or a foreign power. Every American who stood up for the republic, and has not brought into the lies dispensed by pro-Trump media must push for equal enforcement of the rule of law. Think of what it will mean if future presidents are able to ignore Congress, the courts, and promise pardons to their co-conspirators if caught. The next months will determine the future and current strength of our republic. Research what you can do to hold your representatives and the powerful accountable; act to protect your civil rights!

The Republicans begin to morph

Donald Trump today reportedly acknowledged that Joe Biden is the president-elect. It was the same day that wealthy donors said they would withhold funding for the Republican senators in the Georgia runoffs, and the House of Representatives asked to meet the Trump appointed head of the Government Services Administration (GSA) to find out why she did not recognize Biden as President-elect. Trump pushed his refusal to accept reality and hobble the Biden administration until adults threatened intervention about his distortion of reality. The question to be confronted now is how the Republicans will handle their responsibilities going forward. Will any effort to discover truth concerning the Trump administration be supported by Republicans? It is doubtful. They are complicit in every theft, undermining of America’s alliances, corrupt dealing, and idiotic policy committed during the Trump presidency. He could not have done so much damage to the United States without support from Mitch McConnell and his allies. Lying has worked to maintain Republican power because so many Americans refuse to hold them accountable (they are seen as the party of the current socio-economic hierarchy), but lying is the enemy of our republic. Anytime lies prop up a system there is something seriously wrong and bad for society going on. We need at least two political parties organized around facts and truth. Make sure that you push your representatives in Congress to investigate allegations of corruption during the Trump years, or expect more of the same to come.

Will the Republic hold?

We are experiencing the unthinkable. A president is actively working to overthrow the will of the people as expressed in an election with several Republican officials supporting him. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the Republican Georgia Secretary of State to push using his power to throw Democratic votes away. Trump is soliciting state legislators to overthrow their elections and appoint electors to pick him and not Biden who won. Trump has been referred to as the poster boy for White privilege because he has gotten away with so much criminality and corruption. The world is watching at a story that is not about one man, it is about a nation at war with itself. Is our republic important enough to the majority of Americans to be maintained in the face of Trump’s assault, or is white supremacy more valued? We have failed many tests in the last five years; allowing Trump to emerge as a politician based on the racist Birther lie, not scrutinizing his finances, electing him despite numerous red flags, etc. Americans rose up to stop the madness in the election of 2020; leading to another period of anxiety as we watch Republicans fail to care about decency or the republic. The outcome is not clear, but this cannot go on forever, so think of ways to empower people who represent your values and respect our votes.

Toxic Trumpism

The Republican leadership have accepted the outcomes of their races, but are not openly asking the current president to accept his. In fact republicans encourage the undermining of our elections if you believe gather Georgia Secretary of State (a republican), who says Lindsey Graham asked if he could throw out some Biden votes. When it comes to Trump reality is warped and any failure, corruption, criminality, or bad news is unacceptable and not his fault. The giant Trump baby balloon should be flying non-stop near the Capitol until the election is conceded by the current occupant of the White House. No one knows whether the undermining of the elections is the end of our republic, or a crippling blow that could destabilize it. The longer the Republicans fight the presidential results; the more people will feel emboldened to defy laws passed by elected representatives leading to chaos. If Trump was robbed in a rigged election, who else was? We are already dealing with virus, climate change, and vaccine deniers creating societal jeopardy. Time is running out on many levels for our modern society. The divides in our country (and other developed nations) threaten the collapse of our republic. Every responsible thinking person needs to make sure that they are not on the sidelines during this time of crisis. Volunteer, communicate, donate, or march to protect our republic and the progress we deserve toward a brighter future.

The search for Equality in America

Joe Biden’s election to the presidency and how people voted is telling. More than 72 million people voted for Trump despite 4 years of watching his corruption, incompetence, racism, and lying. People of color claim they want systemic inequality removed and a chance to develop wealth. I define equality as an equal chance to be successful with dignity and respect for everyone. No one discusses the other side’s view of our society; Republicans say they do not want universal healthcare or other equalizing policies, and do not recognize unequal treatment based on race or ethnicity. The question for America is; are we committed to liberty and justice for all, or will enough Americans buy into an authoritarian style government as long as it preserves white supremacy? 77 million plus citizens voted to continue the American experiment and strive toward a more perfect union. We have not resolved the question of our future course as a nation yet, but the Biden administration will be significant in predicting our future.

The thin line between hope and disaster

To re-state the quote from Jesus in the Bible “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. America barely passed a test of our knowledge of the truth in the last election. A man who lies regularly and was identified by many generals, doctors, scientists, journalists, and politicians as a threat to democracy was asked to continue as the president by over 70 million Americans. Fortunately over 75 million Americans knew what the cost of freedom was; knowing the truth and voting based on that knowledge. Many who voted for more Trump had rationalizations; a good economy, democrats were socialists, Joe Biden voted for a Crime Bill. Many minds were blind or minimized the daily truth of lies and attempts to overthrow our constitutional republic. The nearness of disaster in 2020 demands the implementation of policy aimed at making truth more abundant in our country. The next authoritarian personality will likely be accompanied by a more skilled political mind, and be a larger threat. Trump is not gone yet and he is trying to overturn the elections, so we are not out of the woods yet. Stay vigilant and urge your representatives to pass legislation to strengthen our republic.

Moving forward

People my age are hearing the great Ray Charles singing Georgia On My Mind, the The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP), or Viva Las Vegas as the returns come in bringing a hoped for end to the Trump presidency. Many people believe that we will start to deal with COVID19, climate change, healthcare, and race relations in rational fashion. Trump made it a point to make everything about himself and stir chaos while seeming to get away with everything he could as we were distracted. Two months are left on the current administration. Every citizen must keep eyes peeled for corruption, criminality, and debasement of the republic as the Trump regime packs up to leave. God willing the end is near for this administration, but the damage they can do is not over. Make sure that you retain your power and research to vote in every election! Thank you to the voters who recognized the malignant threat of Trump mania and participated in this election! Hope followed by actions can move mountains!

So much left to do

After participating in the elections, very voter should feel good about their concern for their world, country, and community. Voting is a very important tool in creating the world we would like to see, but it is not the only tool that we have. As citizens and people who care we should advocate for our values and hopes for a better future. We can use our influence with friends and family, we can contribute our time to causes and groups, and we can give resources to further the policies or movements we want to succeed. There was not a wave in any direction in this election, and there is a lot of work to do on justice, climate change, and healthcare to name a few. COVID-19 is raging in our country and we must continue to protect ourselves and others. If Joe Biden wins the presidency he will need a lot of help to get anything done. Consider getting the Five Calls app to contact your legislators and advocate for bills you want enacted into law. Every citizen who cares should vow to find ways to stay informed and involved in building a better future while continuing to protect our republic. Develop a plan to support your values while staying safe and focused.

Warriors not Worriers

Time has almost expired for everyone who recognizes the threat of Trump, to confront your concern with a plan. Scientist say that some are born with a genetic predisposition to worry, but these worriers can change by modifying their behavior. Making a plan and working that plan when confronted by fear or anxiety can change a worrier into a warrior. Warriors are not just those who go off to fight in war, they are people who use their minds and determination to overcome adversity or challenge. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fanny Lou Hamer, Gandhi, John Lewis and others are examples of those who did not use violence, but their minds and abilities to turn fear or despair into hope. We see examples of warriors today in people like Stacey Abrams, Lebron James, and Alicia Garza. Become a warrior for truth and justice; as John Lewis said make “Good Trouble” and stand up when you see wrong. The election of 2020 is just the first step in a long road to save humanity and the environment that makes our civilization possible. Everyday citizens will have to get engaged and stay that way with the determination to not just be bystanders. If you have not already voted, plan your vote and be prepared for resistance, but do not give up on your rights or your voice.

The vote for the future

There has been a lot of information shared about the election of 2020. Many people feel that politics does not change anything, but I feel their numbers are falling. Trump and the COVID pandemic have shown rational people that leadership matters, but a large number of people seem to base their choice on a few specifics like abortion, judges, and immigration. It is interesting that these specifics involve controlling other people. I think that Trump voters want a world where they feel entitled and advantaged over other people. Trump provides these people with constant attacks and others to hate; he even encourages mistreatment of certain groups while maintaining deniability with claims he is not serious. The issue that lies below all the talk from Trump is the corrosion of the rule of law, science, and decency. Trump pushes the idea of the law as a tool for some against others who are not part of the group. Trump’s practices represent an end to the ideas that are central to the ideals United States Constitution. The election of 2020 is pivotal to not just the United States but the future of mankind as dictators and authoritarian regimes appear to be on the rise. Democracy and human rights used to be supported by the United States but this is in decline under Trump. The American citizen is the last bulwark against a wave of selfishness, corruption, and degeneration. Research and vote because as the saying goes “Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty”.