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Opinions on events revolving around Trump scandals

Fascism and the new Racism in America

America is still a country relying on truth as the bedrock of our republic but increasingly we are under attack by lies and selfishness. Ron DeSantis seems to be the replacement for Trump should he face conviction for his legion of alleged felonies. DeSantis pushes attacks on marginalized groups like Blacks while claiming to defend traditional values. He offers ideas like more power for police over civilians, and centralized state control of education. Everything would be routed and controlled by DeSantis and those he would pick to defend what Professor Eddie Glaude Jr has called the Big Lie of White Supremacy. Using tribalism to achieve strongman status is not a new trick. People like Trump and DeSantis love the poorly educated as they seek to achieve the power of a Putin so they can pillage and loot America. Truth has never been more important for the American republic to have a future. Research and act to protect the decency and dignity of American citizenship. President Biden and Democrats cannot save us on their own. We need two parties based (predominantly) on truth and integrity; not just Democrats. After the Trump assault on the law and democracy don’t buy the “both sides do it” lie. Republican practice lying and deception far more because they dupe the poor with tribalism while selling out to corporations and the wealthy. Vote Democrat until Republicans return to policies and ideas that put improving American society for all citizens first.

Trump is telling us everything

Trump statements about disregarding the parts of the constitution that get in the way of him continuing his crime rampage from the White House are telling. Can you call an American who does not believe in the Constitution a patriot? What do you call someone who wants all the power and has no respect for truth? Why do White Evangelicals support such a person? Why do Republicans refuse to hold Trump accountable for his behavior? A conspiracy takes place when multiple people agree to work toward an outcome. When does constant lying and harassment become an evil conspiracy? The danger to the Constitution and America are real and will continue after Trump is gone. He is the figurehead to a movement that does not want equality, but seeks power at the expense of the soul.

The Hits Keep Coming

Anyone who is interested in the truth about the Trump administration can find it; those who want lies can find plenty of those too. America’s enemies must be drinking champagne and doing back flips as they watch our continued division over an ignorant clown named Trump. Some Americans hold up the corrupt clown as some sort of hero while the world sees a conman taking advantage of our many fools fueled by ignorance, racism, and ego-centrism. The January 6th commission has revealed the attempted coup that was assisted by many Republicans during and after the fact. The Trump Attorney General and his daughter both said they believed he had lost the election as did most of his professional campaign staff; will this make any difference to Republicans who want to believe the lie? Probably not. Whether a heavily armed America will wind up in a civil war is anyone’s guess. The hardest part of our current events is how quickly we have turned on each other at the behest of an obvious evil clown named Trump. The January 6th committee is just getting started; it is already too much information about an attack on our country that should have been dealt with in a bipartisan fashion already. We are a weak democracy, and it could get worse.

Home of the free and the brave?

America has long seen itself as the home of the fee and the brave, but we have been clearly slipping in the last six years or so. The Trump campaign and presidency were built on lies and grievance, but he was in the White House thanks to the electoral college. Free and brave people do not elect or tolerate low character criminals. Even though the majority of American voters have never chosen Trump; his long-term ability to influence our politics are an indictment of us all. Why do I say this? Jesus said that we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free. Truth is the basis for freedom in the world; access to, and reliance on the truth are protected ferociously by intelligent free people. Trump attempted to overthrow an election after an apparent crime spree during his administration; yet Republicans continue to support him. In private Republicans reported;y claim that they are fearful for their political and personal survival if they cross Trump. Is large-scale fear and cowardice indicative of a free and brave people? Most of the press and political elite today seems focused on safety and acquisition of personal status or power. The coming elections in 2022 and 2024 will be a referendum on the character and decency of the American people. Act to make sure that good triumphs in America and vote against Republicans who do not stand up to Trump. We live in interesting times./

Shoes dropping like a hail storm

Trump scandals are no surprise to anyone paying attention, but the pace of revelations about his malevolence and attempts to undermine our democracy is picking up. I hope the US justice system redeems itself and holds a high level criminal like Trump accountable. I suspect that the crime wave in US cities is related to the crime wave Trump ran in Washington. We need to make sure that the phrase “No one is above the law” is more than a platitude. Research and act to protect our republic by rejecting Republicans who enabled and still seek to protect Trump’s crime spree.

Do you have to prove Coup?

Trump telegraphed that he was going to use the threat of violence throughout his political career. Violence against protestors at his events, politicians who challenged him, anyone who dared to confront his criminal or corrupt behaviors. Trump lost the election and is too cowardly to face his own failure. Trump’s supporters are people with similar issues who believe that they are entitled to have their pathetic egos stroked no matter who is injured in the process. Everyone saw Trump set the stage for the assault on the US Capitol, and then send twisted fools who believe in him more than the US Constitution to attack it. The world, and America, must now watch the cowardice, and amoral lust for power by Republican senators play out; as they turn themselves into pretzels to rationalize an attempt to overthrow our republic. Watch the impeachment hearings and don’t forget who is a leader in our republic, and who wants Trump to get away with it so that they can improve his formula. Would-be tyrants are cowards who first suck up to those in power in the hope that one day they will have it. If you love our freedoms as Americans don’t forget those who will not protect our republic when it is under threat.

Trump Tax Cut

The term Trump tax cut has taken on new meaning after the New York Times report on his tax records. Trump has not changed in the time he has been president and you have to wonder what is going on in the minds of his supporters. It has to be hard to support an amoral man who thinks you are stupid for believing in him. Trump’s records reveal the extreme nature of his white privilege and complete lack of character. He gave himself a tax cut every year and let the country increase its debt burden and pull the money from hardworking honest citizens. Every voter has to ask themselves is this who you want as your president at a time of heightening crisis? Research and vote in 2020!

The Looting has begun

The Trump administration is ethically challenged; this statement is not a revelation to anyone who has been paying attention. As the election looms on the horizon there seems to be more energy from Trump to break the law and increase his personal wealth: 1) A US ambassador being coerced to ask the British government to move their major golf tournament to Trump’s property to make the president money. 2) Presidential reelection campaign funds allegedly being diverted to personal accounts are being investigated. 3) Personal friends of the president know that pardons are available if they are caught while carrying out his corrupt wishes (examples – Roger Stone, General Flynn). Trump knows that the Republican senate will not hold him accountable as long as he is useful to their political agenda. The corruption in our country must be dealt with in November. We are in this mess because too many politicians have gotten away with murder for too long by saying things like “both sides do it”, when one side dominated lying; the Republicans. Trump knew what he was doing when he joined the GOP and became the king of the liars. We need two or more principled and patriotic political parties, not one. Please research and vote to save our republic in 2020!

What is a criminal?

When the president of the United States uses the law to hurt his enemies and help his friends; what is a crime? A system that says if I do it it is okay, but if you do it, it is a crime cannot stand. Every person serving a sentence for wrongdoing has to question why they are in jail when guilty people who help the president walk free after being convicted. The Republican led United States Senate refuses to uphold its constitutional duties and provide a check on the lawlessness of the current president. With corruption and crimes ranging from obstruction of justice to attempted bribery of a foreign government; we see failure to prosecute or potential collaboration from the administration. There are several guilty persons associated with the current president’s administration who have been pardoned or remain unpunished. The rules seem only to apply to the poor and unconnected. We have little left to be proud of as Americans as long as this goes without accountability.

Divide and Conquer?

The current president is trying to run a campaign for re-election using divide and conquer tactics on the American people. He uses racism and fear to stoke division to get votes, or make our society too chaotic for an election. He has already allowed the COVID19 pandemic to dominate America like it has in no other country. He has said nothing about Russians putting bounties on the lives of US troops in Afghanistan. He has not shared his tax records despite compelling claims that he is afraid of Putin because he owes Russian oligarchs money. He has asked other countries for help in the upcoming election, while making it riskier and harder for Americans to vote. He lies and spreads hatred daily as if he were a demonic agent. He fights his own scientists, intelligence officials, doctors, generals, and American experts of any sort. Trump has made it crystal clear that for him to win re-election, America must die. Maybe there is a bonus in it for him.