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Opinions on events revolving around Trump scandals

Trump Tax Cut

The term Trump tax cut has taken on new meaning after the New York Times report on his tax records. Trump has not changed in the time he has been president and you have to wonder what is going on in the minds of his supporters. It has to be hard to support an amoral man who thinks you are stupid for believing in him. Trump’s records reveal the extreme nature of his white privilege and complete lack of character. He gave himself a tax cut every year and let the country increase its debt burden and pull the money from hardworking honest citizens. Every voter has to ask themselves is this who you want as your president at a time of heightening crisis? Research and vote in 2020!

The Looting has begun

The Trump administration is ethically challenged; this statement is not a revelation to anyone who has been paying attention. As the election looms on the horizon there seems to be more energy from Trump to break the law and increase his personal wealth: 1) A US ambassador being coerced to ask the British government to move their major golf tournament to Trump’s property to make the president money. 2) Presidential reelection campaign funds allegedly being diverted to personal accounts are being investigated. 3) Personal friends of the president know that pardons are available if they are caught while carrying out his corrupt wishes (examples – Roger Stone, General Flynn). Trump knows that the Republican senate will not hold him accountable as long as he is useful to their political agenda. The corruption in our country must be dealt with in November. We are in this mess because too many politicians have gotten away with murder for too long by saying things like “both sides do it”, when one side dominated lying; the Republicans. Trump knew what he was doing when he joined the GOP and became the king of the liars. We need two or more principled and patriotic political parties, not one. Please research and vote to save our republic in 2020!

What is a criminal?

When the president of the United States uses the law to hurt his enemies and help his friends; what is a crime? A system that says if I do it it is okay, but if you do it, it is a crime cannot stand. Every person serving a sentence for wrongdoing has to question why they are in jail when guilty people who help the president walk free after being convicted. The Republican led United States Senate refuses to uphold its constitutional duties and provide a check on the lawlessness of the current president. With corruption and crimes ranging from obstruction of justice to attempted bribery of a foreign government; we see failure to prosecute or potential collaboration from the administration. There are several guilty persons associated with the current president’s administration who have been pardoned or remain unpunished. The rules seem only to apply to the poor and unconnected. We have little left to be proud of as Americans as long as this goes without accountability.

Divide and Conquer?

The current president is trying to run a campaign for re-election using divide and conquer tactics on the American people. He uses racism and fear to stoke division to get votes, or make our society too chaotic for an election. He has already allowed the COVID19 pandemic to dominate America like it has in no other country. He has said nothing about Russians putting bounties on the lives of US troops in Afghanistan. He has not shared his tax records despite compelling claims that he is afraid of Putin because he owes Russian oligarchs money. He has asked other countries for help in the upcoming election, while making it riskier and harder for Americans to vote. He lies and spreads hatred daily as if he were a demonic agent. He fights his own scientists, intelligence officials, doctors, generals, and American experts of any sort. Trump has made it crystal clear that for him to win re-election, America must die. Maybe there is a bonus in it for him.

Commander and Chief?

US troops have been targeted by Russians bounties in Afghanistan since March with no response by the current president. The evidence keeps stacking up that Putin and the oligarchs have something on Trump to keep him on a leash. We have seen no backbone from this president when it comes to standing up to Putin. The republican controlled senate does nothing to push accountability or leadership on major issues confronting the country; they only care about judges. America is transforming from a shining example of a republic, to a pitiful zombie nation that is a danger to what is left of the modern democracies. I am hopeful that the United States will regain its bearings and hold Trump and his enablers accountable, but we must reinvigorate our republic. Voting should be a high participation event, and public employees should work with transparent community oversight. A united strong America that is working towards its potential will lead the world towards a brighter future. America can improve; but only if every person of decency and conscious votes in 2020 to destroy the current criminal regime and its legislative branch supporters.

Skeletons coming out

The new book by John Bolton called the Room Where it Happened; A Whitehouse Memoir is not worth buying for patriotic Americans. Bolton should have testified in the impeachment hearings of Donald Trump if he thought something was wrong. He cannot appear now to tell us amazing tales of treachery and corruption after he did not do anything when it counted. Trump attempted to sell pieces of America to China, Turkey, and Ukraine in exchange for help with his reelection according to John Bolton. This is not a surprise. We all watched him ask Russia for help and get it in 2016; we still don’t know what they got for the help. Trump represents the worst of white privilege; the spectacle he is today exists because he constantly got away with crime and corruption. He rose to power by lying about a black man, he stays there by selling racism, lies, and fear. Research and vote in 2020 if you care about justice in the world, or America!

Remaining hopeful and learning

The situation that we find ourselves in with coronavirus offers reasons to be hopeful and to learn from our mistakes. I believe the largest mistake for many Americans (but not the majority) was voting for a person who was clearly unfit and unsuited for the job of president. Leadership is not something to be taken lightly by citizens, or to be used as a way to attack fellow citizens. Our constitutional system has been challenged in ways that were not imaginable five years ago, but has been shown to be a strength with local leaders stepping up to fill the current void in the executive branch. The delay in testing is perhaps the largest failure of American presidential leadership since Reconstruction. Hopefully future presidents who are light on mental capacity will respect experts and science when the nation survives the current fiasco.

The Lesser of Two Evils

This week has news that forces every voter to consider what it means to vote and why you make a choice. Trump continues to push the justice system towards collapse as he protects co-conspirators while seeking to legally punish those who oppose his autocratic and illegal behaviors. Mike Bloomberg is making the news for statements that seem to show him prejudging African-American communities with past comments about stop and frisk as well as redlining. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who voted for a crime bill that many believe was used to target black men. We do not know who the ultimate candidate for the Democrats will be, but we have a choice to make. Donald Trump has shown himself to be a short and long-term threat to freedom, civil rights, and life on earth who will do anything to protect his fragile version of reality. The person who will run against Trump will not be perfect, but freedom-loving people will need to turn out in massive numbers to stop Trump in 2020.

A mindless budget

Trump released his budget and it reduces funding for social programs while increasing military and border wall spending. Trump does nothing to address the deficit spending trend that he has increased throughout his administration, and he reduces funding to the Environmental Protection Agency. The budget represents a long term attack on the American people with cuts to environmental, medical, and social services while failing to address increasing debt. Trump is irresponsible with other people’s money while trying to protect his odds of being re-elected by goosing the economy with borrowed money. He has successfully attacked American institutions like the Justice department, intelligence agencies, etc., but he has not worked to improve any infrastructure besides the border wall that antagonizes our neighbors. If he were an agent for a foreign power you could not expect more damage to America’s long term strength from a single politician.

Fighting Back

The current president has bullied his party into doing what ever he desires without facing anyone willing to stand up to him until Mr. Romney today. Democrats are being forced to fulfill the role of standing up to the bully. Our society is morphing into an organization that does not deal with the truth, but makes excuses for cowering in front of the bully. If the bully lies the party members pretend he is not serious, or that they have not heard what he said. If the bully commits illegal acts; party members pretend that the behavior was not serious or that it was not meant as it appears. The character of America is on the line. You cannot claim to be moral or ethical while tolerating a stream of lies, criminality, and corruption from the people you support for positions of power. Democrats will have to fight for our republic, and some of it will not be pleasant. Speaker Pelosi tearing up a copy of a speech filled with lies is an example of pushing back against the bully with more than just words.

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