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Frightening Politicization

America’s top intelligence official and the Director of the FBI spoke to the American people tonight about attempts by Iran and Russia to influence our elections. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) who is a former Republican congressman (known for being ethically challenged) claimed that Iran wanted to hurt Trump but gave no evidence. I have no doubt that foreign powers want to damage America by using the elections, but they get a lot of help from the current president. A president who lies all the time, has asked for foreign help in the 2016 election, and encourages domestic terrorists to stand back and standby is a challenge to trust. DNI Ratcliffe as the messenger providing an interpretation of intentions leaves another weakness in the American defense apparatus. America’s major strength has been truth; whether it is the search for truth through science, or the ability to rally people to the truth of human dignity and justice. Trump’s desperation to avoid accountability and continue his crime spree are the main threat to the dream of America. It is sad that he has us to the point of being immediately doubtful of people in positions of leadership in our defense. Research and vote in 2020 and every election to save our republic!

What next?

Senators and representatives are saying they did not hear about an imminent threat in the briefing they received on the killing of an Iranian general. Reports are saying that the president had no legal reason to order the killing. In the coming days the debate over impeachment will intensify and the reasons for impeaching the current president will continue to grow. Events add up and have not undermined the idea that the current president may be beholden to a foreign power.

Impeachment and/or War?

Americans are living in a time of lies and delusion brought on by choices that have been made by angry and emotional people; both leaders and voters. The truth is out there but we are stuck with leaders who think everything is politics because they don’t respect the intelligence of the voters. When the truth is a commodity politicians will push the limits, and we are at a point where the price of lies will likely be disastrous. Multiple American institutions are under attack from the Constitution to the military. America’s enemies could not ask for more opportunities to diminish the country. American citizens have a lot at risk. The future possibilities for us are a hollow Constitution and chaotic government, another endless war, and leadership that is emboldened to degenerate criminality.