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Shoes dropping like a hail storm

Trump scandals are no surprise to anyone paying attention, but the pace of revelations about his malevolence and attempts to undermine our democracy is picking up. I hope the US justice system redeems itself and holds a high level criminal like Trump accountable. I suspect that the crime wave in US cities is related to the crime wave Trump ran in Washington. We need to make sure that the phrase “No one is above the law” is more than a platitude. Research and act to protect our republic by rejecting Republicans who enabled and still seek to protect Trump’s crime spree.

Staying the course

Under President Biden’s leadership the United States is starting to heal and strengthen, but Republican victory in the 2022 congressional races can reverse that quickly. America is nowhere close to being out of danger. Until insurrectionists are held accountable and the truth informs the majority of American decisions; we face new horrors. Some politicians talk of bipartisanship at a time when one party (Republicans) is trying to create a one party state or autocracy. The pandemics (COVID, climate crisis, tribalism, increasing autocratic power, etc.) assaulting America and the world are not going away, only determined American leadership provides the best outcomes. The wisdom of the crowd comes out when the people have access to the truth; this has been America’s strength. Research and act to protect the vote for yourself and all citizens

The sun will come out tomorrow

The drive for American leadership in the energy revolution is strengthening. and will grow stronger, thanks to a government/private-industry partnership. Building infrastructure and middle class resiliency will create a dynamic society working to solve huge problems (COVID19, healthcare, voting rights, equality, Climate Crisis to name a few) with truth and science. Healthcare, energy, cyber, educational, and human infrastructure are required for America to remain a robust world leader. The sun will continue to rise and heat this planet whether we do our part and protect a human-friendly atmosphere, or not. Research and act with urgency to protect truth, science, and a future for the human race.

Risk Inflation or Oblivion?

Republicans are saying that the Biden Administration wants to spend too much money on human and societal infrastructure, but what is the alternative? The majority of people currently alive believe that the climate is changing rapidly for the worse. Do we wait for the point of no-return to act (have we already done so)? Inflation is a bad economic outcome that can be corrected, but a climate hostile to civilization is not. We have received more than enough warnings from nature to begin our response; the time to act is now. The situation with COVID19 attacking the unvaccinated in a new wave of destruction is an example for us to consider, multiplied exponentially to understand the risk of climate crisis. Once the climate turns against humanity it will not stop until modern society is destroyed. Research and act to prevent catastrophe. The planet will be here after we are gone, but our selfish and egotistical society will be gone if we do not change.


The Climate Crisis seems to flex it’s growing muscles every summer with extra months added for good measure. I have read articles about it for more than thirty years and we now see events they predicted would be signs of endless death and danger. Fires in arctic areas and melting permafrost, floods, drought, and rising seas toppling buildings. The news is noticeably bad and even the deniers no longer come out in the open. Like the pandemic the reality of nature forces everyone to either take notice and respond, or die. I still have hope that as a global society we can respond and save the civilization that we have developed, but I am sure time is running out at a faster rate than predicted. Research and act to save the future from becoming a nightmare ending in extinction.

Checks for families with kids – A Big Deal

Americans with middle and lower incomes received checks starting July 15 and this will reportedly lift up to half of the children living in poverty out of it. Children are expensive and our society has not shown that it values children after birth recently. President Biden’s administration and the Democrat congress have sent a message that the decline in child births is noticed. America’s identity has changed into that of a selfish and cruel nation both internationally and here at home after Trump. I am hopeful that Americans of conscious and goodwill will create a better future and reputation for our country. We have a lot to do but support for America’s children and future is an important step foreword. Research and act to build a better America.

Help wanted

Democracy around the world needs help, but the USA is the cornerstone country in trouble. If the American republic goes down, it may be a fatal blow for democracy. Republicans are pressuring for minority rule by minimizing minority voters and controlling the counting process. A suspicious vote leads to the decline of societal trust and the rise of oligarchs, autocrats, and ultimately dictators. Research the history of governmental systems and act to preserve the wisdom of the crowd known as a republic.

Manchin and Sinema

Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are openly asking us to believe that they cannot recognize that America is in crisis. They feel the filibuster as it now exists is more important than the votes of citizens. The Republican threat to voting rights and vote counting is a crisis for our system of government. As politicians and “leaders” if Manchin and Sinema cannot recognize a system in crisis there is a problem. The problem is the electorate that allows these two senators [and any others that agree with them] to be considered representatives of their will. Call your representatives and let them know that you support HR-1 and HR-4 as non-negotiable bills to be passed into law. If citizens are not electing our representatives we are no longer a republic. Research and act to protect your future and that of your posterity.

Richard Branson shows us how we should be

Richard Branson is a wealthy man who continually seeks growth and new experiences as he tries to make the most of his life. Too many Americans lazily spread lies and attack fellow citizens in pathetic attempts to gain power as they diminish others. These people seek power to minimize and disrespect others to continue the lie of white supremacy. The first casualty of war is the truth and by that measure we may be in for a second civil war. I hope that the majority of Americans recognize the great evil seeking power and live up to their better selves. We must reject QAnon, Trumpism, and Republican liars claiming Trump won. We must reject those who do not believe in the right to vote for all citizens, have the votes counted, and the majority of votes represent the will of the people in running our government. Research and act to save our republic.

Dangerous days

The United States is in a period of danger that will likely continue until at least the 2025 inauguration. I say the inauguration because of ongoing efforts to overturn vote results through lies, threats, and violence. If the American people make wise choices and maintain democracy through active participation in the electoral process success is likely, but not guaranteed. Competitive nations can see that we are on the edge of serious instability with Russia openly pushing to increase strife in the US. Politics is central to solving climate change, inequality, public safety, health care, etc. American politics is hobbled by corruption and demagoguery dominating the Republican Party. Keep hope alive by donating time or money to causes and candidates you believe in after researching the issues.