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QAnon candidates

What happens when people who believe insane theories are in leadership? Voltaire said that “As long as people believe in absurdities, there will always be atrocities”. What we have coming in America is death and destruction if we do not get the conspiracy theories out of positions of power. Trump and many right-wing Republicans are pushing racism, lies, and divisiveness. Leaders who push lies leads to followers who act to destroy freedom and create fear. The truth will set us free and we should select leaders who tell the truth and can cite sources for what they say. Don’t fall for conspiracies that cannot be validated by multiple reliable sources. Vote Democrat up and down the ballot to stop Trump and the fascists in 2020!

Liars are usually thieves

A learned clergyman said that liars are usually thieves, and that if you research the lie you will find a theft of some sort. Reverend Barber was talking about the condition of poor people in our society and the continuous assaults by Republicans on anything that benefits them. Why have we allowed internal divisions in America to become tribal warfare used by foreign nations against us? Wealthy Americans stood and cheered a president as he lied when confronted by a reporter. Trump and his followers will have to deal with their choices, but most Americans must pursue the truth for the republic to survive. Trump’s consistent lying has led to many stories about the election being stolen due to his desperation to avoid justice once he is not president. Trump is understandable as a mentally ill and narcissistic person, but his followers suggest a darkness in our country that must be confronted. The national disgrace of continued amassed resources by the rich leaving more poor people without hope in the wealthiest country on earth must stop. The truth will free us all, but the political parties, media networks, and elected leaders working to diminish voting while broadcasting lies must be defeated before better days arrive.


The Russians placed bounties on American troops in Afghanistan months ago and the president has still not done anything about it. They pay cash money to kill our troops, and the president does not directly respond. Trump is viewed as a friend of Vladimir Putin by people in the US government because he talks to Putin without telling his own leadership. When will it be enough for the Republican senate? Too many patriots died to create and maintain this country for Republicans to defend a man willing to sell it for personal profit. Other countries like China and Iran are realizing that America appears to be for sale and they want their piece of the pie. We have lost our balance as a country and we must quickly get it back and go on the offensive to create a better world. Research the facts and vote in 2020!

America the beautiful

For all of the men and women who have stepped up to tell the truth at a time when a Republican dominated Senate will take no action; I say you are the pride of America. Many countries have slid under the control of fascists and authoritarians backed by the wealthy. I believe that our country will remain under the control of the people, America will remain the best hope of mankind for a future of hope and freedom. We have seen ambassadors, inspectors general, US attorneys, state district attorneys, doctors, and many more stand up to the corrupt power centered in the White House. Soon the people will speak and we will either damn ourselves, or stand up for our republic. The filth of fascism has it root in the hearts of citizens. I believe enough of us can still see the light and understand our role in preventing the triumph of evil. Research and vote in 2020!

Essential workers and other heroes

Many Americans are still at work putting themselves and their families at risk for COVID-19. We call them names like essential workers, but they are just people who want to do their part and make a living, The president and others are pushing for things to quickly get back to normal with as many businesses as possible open. The only problem with the complete re-opening of the economy (that everyone wants) is we have no plan to combat COVID-19 being implemented. American leadership has failed on a massive scale. We live in an America with many heroes but Republican political leaders display cowardice while pushing for others to pay the price. Teachers, store clerks, bus drivers, and others should not have everything placed at risk while being treated like canon fodder by Trump and McConnell with no health insurance. Our country is facing pandemics of privilege, greed, corruption, racism, and COVID-19. Most of these pandemics have been with us for awhile and periodically erupt threatening to consume us. Our sense of decency and fairness should push us to value and protect our fellow citizens. Nature is pushing us to adapt to challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. We must begin to build a better America before time runs out.

Economic malpractice or malfeasance?

The Republican controlled senate has a decision to make on stimulus for our wounded economy, but they are in no hurry. They have gone on a long weekend break while leaving jobless Americans in desperation during a pandemic. Do we provide support for the millions of Americans left unemployed due to the pandemic, or allow more families to be thrown into desperation? Desperate families are bad news for our society and economy. Reports of Republicans wanting to cease unemployment benefits are increasingly widespread. Many of the same Republicans would have sent us into a 2nd Great Depression after the 2008 market crash. Thankfully President Obama and the Democrats took over and revived the economy. If the Republicans and Trump allow the economy to be further damaged it will be much harder for it to recover. Contact your representatives and let them know that we need to support those thrown out of work for reasons beyond their control. America is great because of its people and our belief in the social contract that binds us together. The best money we can spend right now (outside of a vaccine or cure for COVID19) is enhanced funding for the unemployed to pay their bills and keep the economy out of free fall. The Republicans own the COVID-19 pandemic and response; do they care what happens to Americans?

What happens to the unemployed of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Millions of people in the United States are staring at financial ruin as their federal unemployment support runs out. Republicans believe the added $600/week was too much and discourages people from looking for work. Democrats see the funds as important to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by allowing the recipients to shelter at home, while also propping up the economy during a downturn. Many are also threatened with eviction if there is no extension of the moratorium. More desperate people looking for work during a pandemic induced economic downturn will not be good for anyone. Increased homelessness, crime, COVID-19 spread, and the economy plunging over a cliff all at the same time is a horrific possibility. Research this issue and contact your representatives to address the issue of COVID-19 unemployment. There is a lot at stake for all of us.

John Lewis believed

John Lewis was great a American who built a reputation of standing up for liberty and justice everyone. We say liberty and justice for all in our pledge of allegiance regularly, but we still struggle to achieve that lofty goal. Some Americans believe in a just society while clearly others are not interested in equal rights, or justice. An example is the upcoming election where Republicans do not want mail-in ballots because more people might vote. John Lewis had faith in people; if they knew the truth they would move toward liberty and justice for all. Right wing media regularly distorts the truth to support policies that are unfair and will lead to failures like the current pandemic. America has been a great country because we made decisions based on truth while pursuing the growth of human potential. Over time more citizens have become able to pursue happiness but now some want to return to a great time in the past. The United States is not going back to the past without destroying itself. We need more believers in peace and justice like John Lewis to continue our movement toward our potential, as we leave the filth of fascism behind.

Both sides do it

Citizenship in a functional republic requires people to pay attention and evaluate the performance of politicians and parties if they want to maximize their freedom. Jesus said “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – he was speaking to us. Benjamin Franklin said “Those who wish to be ignorant and free wish for what never was, and never will be.” – he was speaking to us. We live in an age where people believe in outrageous conspiracy theories and rumors without doing any serious research. It seems our society follows an ethos of; if it feels good or seems to reinforce what I think, believe it. We are in an amazing place where science is questioned for no apparent reason, and a wanna be dictator has run wild for over three years. We got here because we allowed the Republican party to commit serial outrages and when caught get away with the claim of ‘both sides do it’. We stopped evaluating based on truth, the liars got away with it, and here we are. I am hopeful that Americans will stop allowing childish people to claim leadership positions for making war on fellow citizens because of race, class, sexuality, or religion. Stop tyranny and save the republic. Vote in 2020!

The Looting has begun

The Trump administration is ethically challenged; this statement is not a revelation to anyone who has been paying attention. As the election looms on the horizon there seems to be more energy from Trump to break the law and increase his personal wealth: 1) A US ambassador being coerced to ask the British government to move their major golf tournament to Trump’s property to make the president money. 2) Presidential reelection campaign funds allegedly being diverted to personal accounts are being investigated. 3) Personal friends of the president know that pardons are available if they are caught while carrying out his corrupt wishes (examples – Roger Stone, General Flynn). Trump knows that the Republican senate will not hold him accountable as long as he is useful to their political agenda. The corruption in our country must be dealt with in November. We are in this mess because too many politicians have gotten away with murder for too long by saying things like “both sides do it”, when one side dominated lying; the Republicans. Trump knew what he was doing when he joined the GOP and became the king of the liars. We need two or more principled and patriotic political parties, not one. Please research and vote to save our republic in 2020!