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Article review: The American Abyss by Timothy Snyder

If you want to read a scholarly analysis of what has taken place at the Capitol and in our country The American Abyss by Timothy Snyder is at the top of the list. Timothy Snyder is a Yale professor of history and expert on fascism. Professor Snyder wrote Bloodlands an intense history of Stalin and Hitler’s mass murders in Eastern Europe which I previously reviewed. The American Abyss gets to the heart of long term issues that led us to the assault on the Capitol and the divisions in our society, but Snyder also identifies what we must look out for going forward. A key finding in the article is the complicity of the Republican Party in using racism to get votes while channeling power and resources to the wealthy. Snyder identifies two types of current Republican politicians; gamers who use Trump and racism for election and power, breakers who like having a white authoritarian in power and could care less about democracy. Armed with the insight and information of this article citizens can both understand the history that led us to near disaster, and correctly analyze what needs to happen in the coming years. Snyder identifies truth as a necessity for democracy and all parties having agreement on basic facts. I strongly recommend that every literate concerned citizen read or listen to The American Abyss by Timothy Snyder at the New York Times website.

American vigilance

The sacking of Capitol by seditious domestic terrorists should have the attention of every American. The terrorists have different belief systems according to reporting. A good deal of the terrorists are white supremacists who want a violent civil war to achieve their goals. Another portion of the terrorists are Qannon conspiracy believers who have lost touch with any known reality, and believe the country is run by evil pedophiles (No one can explain why these people support Trump who hung around with an accused pedophile). Another portion of the terrorists are reported to be religious fundamentalists who believe our society of individual freedom should not exist, and a dictatorship controlling all behavior is preferable to a democracy. The remainder of the terrorists are apparently lost souls who believe that Trump is somehow their savior. The reality for Americans who love our republic is that we face a real and committed threat to our way of life. The common focus of the terrorists is to bring about an authoritarian government that can exert more control over personal freedom. All authoritarians promise their followers special status that others do not enjoy as long as they follow orders (See Timothy Snyder). Right now the terrorists are focused on terrorizing Democrats and our government leaders, once they win that struggle they will come after us. The land of the free and the home of the brave must be just that right now. Be ready to support President Biden, his administration, and our elected lawmakers at the federal and local level because patriotism has never been more important.

Why Trump chose to be a Republican

After watching the Capitol building being sacked and looted by fools who were lied into a mindless frenzy; I had to pause to reflect on how we became so lost as a country. Trump’s criminal rampage was fed by the political party he joined to run for president based on the consistent use of racism to turn out white voters. The Southern Strategy (designed to appeal to white grievance) was successful for Nixon in 1968, and continued to be successful for Republicans going forward. Trump had to make a calculation that he could use the Republican’s sea of lies and subtext of racism against them, and he did. He sold himself as the angriest and most genuine white supremacist candidate for 2016, while labeling the other Republicans as the real con-artists. Republican voters bought it despite never examining Trump’s own lies because they wanted fighter who would bring white supremacy beyond the wink and a nod, to a focused mainstream. Trump is undisciplined, but he knew that he was a match for the desire of his voters and gave them what they wanted. We are now dealing with the fallout of our democracy allowing this racist demagogue to run our great nation into a ditch, because hatred and laziness do not make good leaders. People of goodwill should be vigilant and elect leaders who work towards liberty and justice for all.

Criminal in charge?

The truth is the strength of America. When Americans elect criminals for whatever reason they strike at the heart of the republic. Trump is a criminal on many levels, and he has struck more than once at the heart of America. He started by selling lies about the first Black president, then he appealed to Russia for help in getting elected, finally he called for his followers to overthrow the republic and help him evade the consequences of losing the election and his crimes. The United States is at a crossroads. We can no longer live by a white male gentleman’s agreement. Our leaders must hold themselves accountable to the laws of the country, and not have insider’s justice (not the same as meted out to average citizens). Trump must be held accountable for his insanity or we will see more like him soon. The people who attacked the Capitol must be hunted down and brought to justice for our republic to thrive. Those who would intimidate the republic must be brought to understand the nature of justice, and the wrath of the people. We celebrate the elections in Georgia while we focus on justice for the debasement of our Capitol.

Corrupter in Chief

It is 2021 and we are still dealing with the orange con’s criminality and madness. The nation’s first failure was to empower a racist liar in reaction to the election of the first Black president. Failure was compounded as desperate White supremacists in the Republican Party refused to confront continuous lies, corruption, and criminality for the sake of power. The result is the moral collapse of the Republicans combined with the diminished power and status of the United States. People worldwide no longer trust America along with many US citizens losing faith. The system of support for the corruption we see is able to contort on command to maintain the pretense that what we see is somehow reasonable, while rational adults recognize criminality when they see it. Every day of the current regime is a threat to decency and our Republic. If we survive these times remember what you have seen to motivate continued involvement in current events, and politics. There is not someone else out there who will look out for your interests, well-being, or freedom.

The Jim Crow Caucus

Several Republican Senators and representatives have shown their true colors and sought to undermine voters as the determining factor in our government. These Republicans believe that what they want matters more than what the people want, and they do not care about destroying the Republic. Citizens will have to display discipline as Trump and his minions threaten violence to overturn the election. The group of Republicans refusing to accept the certified results from the states will likely focus on diverse voting populations to nullify results they don’t like. Trump has not been a great president or even an average one. Trump has been a cruel racist president who wants to take the country to a previous time when minorities were subservient. Foolish people believe this is Trump’s gift to their whiteness, but intelligent people realize he wants everyone to be subservient to him and his empty soul. The Republicans in some cases are accepting their own results from the vote, but not those going to the other party. The vote is the greatest non-violent tool that we have to shape our future to paraphrase the late John Lewis. We are witnessing evil in our time and we must make sure every bad actors are held accountable in the media, at the ballot box, and in the courts. We are not going back deeper into Jim Crow, we will continue the fight to end it in all forms, and gain equal respect for all citizens.

Burning down the house?

Headlines for the last few days show a trend of increasing chaos by the current president. As Trump vetoes the bill to help Americans damaged by the pandemic; we have to realize he had months to make his desires known if he had any. Trump has not seemed even slightly interested in the well-being of the American citizenry. We may be entering a time where those who supported Trump while pretending not to notice his criminality will have to defend the Constitution. History will not be kind to the Republicans in congress if it is written by honest people. Republicans repeatedly denied accountability for a person who appears determined to do as much damage as he can to America. Trump has; pardoned men who murdered 14 people including children in Iraq, pardoned persons who likely obstructed investigations of the president, and repeatedly demolishing the appearance of a just pardon process. We will likely see more outrages coming until January 20. The question for America is who will protect the house from being burned down, and make sure that this does not happen again? Criminality is widespread in our politics and society today, if we do not control it; it will control us.

Is there a bottom?

Donald Trump continues to show that he has no belief system or soul; there is no bottom for him. People who support him show that they are ignorant or evil. The question is what will we do about it as citizens who possess souls, a sense of dignity, respect for life, or whatever you want to call it. Trump works overtime to make it clear that current American politics are aimed squarely at our fellow citizens, and we as citizens need to make ourselves more aware of what we are doing. I do not believe that being in the opposite party makes you evil or hateful of America. Believing in lies or not taking time to seek the truth makes you a threat to America and enough threats equals catastrophe. We have corporations dedicated to making money on the backs of angry Americans while lying and distorting for the bottom line. We have foreign enemies who want to assist our hatred of fellow Americans. We must take the time to study the issues that impact our daily lives and make sure that we look out for more than our own interests; we must put America and the hope for a better day first. The threat of the collapse of the American dream is real, and we must make sure that we use our votes as ballast against hitting the bottom, and destroying the dream of America.

A threat to our country

The largest threat to the vision and hope of the American republic is not White people or Black people, it is ignorant people who want others to think for them. Thomas Jefferson said “if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”. America is under threat from liars and corrupt politicians who have no regard for their sheepish voters who continuously support them for vague reasons. The reasons people support liars and crooks are vague most likely because they do not want to state they are based on controlling and disrespecting others. The ignorant, lazy, and modestly entitled must learn that there is a better life possible when everyone can rise to their potential, and not be systematically repressed or terrorized. Freedom is not free, but it is cheaper than tyranny and injustice. Research and vote in every election!

Change and hope in the air

We are living through dark times and of that there is no doubt. The assault on our democracy is fueled by a portion of our fellow citizens, but the majority of the voters spoke clearly that they wanted a change and it appears we will get it. Front line health workers were the first to receive the vaccine in our country at the same time that we are smashing new records for infection rate. Lies have gotten us to a point where America’s strengths were turned against it and chaos became a daily feature of life. We have observed that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. Going forward I am hopeful that more Americans will stay involved because they realize that there is not someone else who will take care of things. We have got to make sure that the wisdom of the crowd is able to come forth by protecting and expanding the right to vote, and the ease of voting. Americans cannot allow a super citizenship to emerge and create an oligarchy or dictatorship. I hope this is the last time we come so close to losing our republic for another hundred years, but I know that each election brings the possibility of new peril. Research and vote in every election!