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Held Accountable?

Now that the House of Representatives has impeached the 45th President what will happen next? Will the president behave in a way that is more honorable? Will he cease attempts to bribe foreign leaders for help in the 2020 election and efforts to cover it up? From what can be observed in our partisan Congress so far the Republicans will not push to protect our elections or Constitution. Citizens of the United States should push hard for the protection of their votes in the coming election, and from foreign manipulation of voters coordinated or colluded with any candidate. Rudy Giuliani is reported to be in Ukraine working on an “investigation” and smearing former US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch via Twitter. The undisciplined presidency that we are experiencing shows no signs of being brought up to any standard that is acceptable for the leader of a republic. It will be ultimately up to the people to vote and make clear what their expectations for leadership are.

Pardons for sale

Living in a time when the president all but advertises he will pardon those who protect and lie for him is bizarre. The America that I grew up in was not going to put up with liars or con-men in the highest office in the land. Today we have entire political parties full of people who seem to expect something amazing if they allow corruption, lies, and criminality to dominate the land. In Kentucky the departing Republican governor (Matt Bevin) pardoned hundreds (including murderers) on his whim and gave us a picture of what could happen on a national scale at the end of the current administration. I hope that Americans stop playing games for perceived advantage and choose truth and morality over perceived expediency. The impeachment of Trump must be taken seriously by the senate for the sake of our republic.

Empires of the mind

Winston Churchill is reported to have said that; “Empires of the future will be empires of the mind.” I hope that Mr. Churchill is right, because if future empires are not about a creed, but instead a tribe or race; we are in for a lot of violence and destruction. The United States is currently the front line of a wannabe authoritarian attempting to pervert the truth to cease power. Many people have been surprised by how far things have gone without checks and balances doing anything to stop the assault on the republic and it’s alliances. As events play out you can observe leaders and people who believe in the creed of the rule of law in our republic stand up and tell the truth. Liars say there is nothing going on, or that there is a conspiracy against the president, while they don’t explain why he does not defend himself with sworn testimony during hearings. These are perilous times. God Bless America!

Losing our way?

The Judicial committee hearings have shown that president #45 has a lot of criminal tendencies. Most people would not be surprised by the finding that the current occupant of the White House behaves in the worst ways conceivable for an adult of his age. The question in front of us is; despite lots of evidence of wrongdoing many people support keeping Trump in office without accountability. Surveys show that many Americans favor a dictator or authoritarian leader over our current republic. The scary reality of our country today is the number of people in positions of authority willing to lie and behave unethically in the name of political power. We have to get back to upholding facts and fact-based decision-making to rescue our republic, and find our way to the true greatness of our potential.

Laughing stock or threat to world order?

President Trump was being laughed at again by allied leaders at the latest NATO conference in the United Kingdom. Trump is repeatedly the but of jokes and laughter by the intelligentsia of the wealthiest nations on Earth. Unfortunately the people laughing at him and their societies are targets for the right=wing supporters of the Russian oligarchs and Vladimir Putin. Many believe that the oligarchs are behind Trump and his election to the White House. Analysts constantly vacillate between dismissing Trump as a buffoon, and viewing him as a toxic threat to the current world order. We should never marginalize powerful people as being too ignorant to be taken seriously. Trump has managed to keep supporters in the Republican Party in line, and avoid conviction for many reputed crimes; he cannot be that much of a clown. Maybe an evil clown?

The Plot to Destroy Democracy by Malcolm Nance

If you are trying to make sense of all the crazy events involving the 45th president you may need to read “The Plot to Destroy Democracy” by Malcolm Nance. Mr. Nance is a career military and intelligence official with a great deal of background and he uses it to make sense of a wide range of trends and events that lead to our current circumstance. If we have any chance of building a better world we have to understand how the bad actors are trying to take us all in a different direction. Malcolm Nance connects the dots on everything from; Putin’s takeover of Russia, the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, Brexit, the oligarch system spreading from Russia, to American conservatives falling in love with Vladimir Putin. The lies that we see coming from entire political parties are not being told for just for fun; there is much more to the story. If you want to know the facts then get the book.

If he were a Russian agent could he do any better?

We live in a time where previously wild conspiracy theories are plausible. One theory is that the president is a Russian agent or victim of compromise. If the president were an agent he would try to increase distrust between Americans, destroy our alliances, create enemies along our borders, undermine our intelligence agencies, State department, and Department of Defense. If we were fortunate none of these terrible events would be taking place, but they are all happening at the same time. The impeachment inquiry is attempting to get to the truth, but only some of our representatives even care if the republic is under attack from Russia. We are in trouble as a nation and the only thing that can save our country is the American citizen. Contact your representative and Senator and let them know how you feel about the threats our republic is under, and the need for impeachment.

Rule of Law in a draw?

The testimony at the impeachment hearings today is a reminder that the law is what the jury says it is. The president and his chief of staff may virtually admit a quid pro quo (or extortion or bribe) to help his reelection campaign with an investigation from Ukraine bought about by his holding up military aid, but it may not matter. The United States will not continue to be what it has been since World War II or even a beacon of light in the world. It will be a sad day and it could happen very soon. I hope as the evidence mounts that our leaders will act on the facts and the defend the constitutional ideas that our country is based upon.

More evidence of guilt

The impeachment hearings today turned up more evidence of guilt as the president attempted to intimidate Ambassador Yvonavich. The lies and conspiracies mount as the investigations continue. Roger Stone is found guilty on 7 counts, as civil servants step forward to say that they overheard conversations about bribing the Ukrainian president with American tax payer funds for defense. Patriotic Americans hope that our elected representatives recognize the truth and stand up to defend the republic. Russia has been on a roll racking up victories over the United States, but I feel that is about to end soon because Americans are not fools. I want a strong two party (at least) political system in America that is based on facts. If we look at facts it is clear that the legislative branch must act to protect our republic.

Getting Stranger and Stranger

The impeachment hearings kicked off today with a bang! It was tough to watch grown men and women on the republican side spinning ridiculous lies to defend their leader. Why would anyone want to deny reality to save one person and put billions at risk? This story is not going to end well if the majority does not rise up to return the rule of law over the personality cult. Pray for all of the people involved in this difficult situation (impeachment) to find the strength to stand with the truth, and not be bullied. Since the president wanted Ukraine to put out a sound bite for his 2020 campaign to get taxpayer funded aid; it is clear that Democrats have no choice but to impeach. I don’t think the president can stop himself from criminality, and using the powers of the presidency to do it.