A Real Constitutional Trial?

Will the United States Senate stand up for the American people and demand a real trial to hold the president accountable? It remains to be seen what will happen with Trump and his impeachment. If there are enough senators who revere the constitution and our way of life more than they fear not being re-elected we may have a chance to see our leaders pursue truth rather than a cover up. I am hopeful that there are enough good people to maintain our republic rather than allow the oligarchs to take over the United States. The shining city on a hill may be tarnished due to Trump, but it has not been burned to the ground yet and it can still emerge more beautiful than ever. I love the United States of America and what it ideally stands for. Christianity Today’s opinion piece asking for Trump to be removed hit a nerve of hope for our country. The fight for America is not over yet. Long live the republic!

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