The Search for Truth and Meaning are the Bulwark for living well

Thanks for joining me!  Our world is currently drowning in information.  We are bombarded with it.  This website is dedicated to providing tools, insights, and questions to analyze what we are seeing in our world today.  To live well we need to be able to determine what is important, and make meaning of that information.  This website is meant to be a place for engagement, communication, education, and empowerment.  Knowledge and understanding are not useful if we do not take action so we will be sharing what actions we can take to improve our world in a principled way that is respectful of human dignity and value.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Recession is not the big problem

There is a lot of talk these days about the White House being worried about a recession. The big problem for the United States revolves around honesty and good governance. A majority of people inside the United States and outside the United States no longer believe our nation is an honest broker. Many see the administration as being corrupt and unbound by alliances, human rights, democracy, or free markets. Deals are made behind closed doors and the true details are kept under wraps. What the administration says is important changes from day to day depending on the news cycle. America’s larger problem is that no one knows which way we are heading, or if we will stay the course on important issues at home and around the world.

NRA leader has extravagant taste

Wayne LaPierre the chief of the National Rifle Association, has a great job if you can get it. Spending other people’s donations to an organization (designed to uphold the 2nd amendment rights of citizens) on your own homes, clothes, and vacations is amazing if you can get away with it. I hope we have not become kind of country where you can take money for the protection of citizen’s rights, and then spend it on luxuries for an individual, but maybe we have. Citizens must seek the truth about our government, and organizations to hold leaders accountable for their behavior. Once the truth comes out we must make sure that no one is above the law to remain the free citizens of a republic.

The argument for a Trump vote continues to weaken

For even the most determined supporter of Trump the moral arguments in favor of voting for him continue to vanish (if they ever existed). The world is increasingly complex and intertwined, but we have an administration stripping the government of experts of all kinds. The 45th president makes decisions based on opposing whatever his predecessor did, and does not seem to apply any kind of higher level thinking to problems or relationships. Lies are the most used tool of the President. The United States is dealing with increasing problems on a national, international, and planetary level, but we lack leadership that inspires respect of any sort. Who would vote for that?

Data is pointing to an American comeback

Despite many distressing signs from the current political administration there are signs that Americans are paying attention to the world around them, and preparing to come back strong as the global leader. Survey data shows that more Americans than ever believe that humans are contributing to climate change, and want more done about it. 75% of Americans according to another survey believe that immigrants should be given a path to citizenship. Having a health care system now makes political sense, and it is hard to find someone arguing against Obamacare as a minimum. There is a lot of work to do, but maybe we are seeing the swamp for what it is and know we can do better.

Climate Change Report has Hope in it

The recent climate report issued by the UN has reason for hope in it. If humanity can plant 1.3 trillion more trees (enough to fill the space of the United States) the carbon in the atmosphere will be compensated for. This is good news in my mind because if we can quantify what it will take to help heal the planet then we can find a way to do it. Recent reports have been alarming in my mind, but this one stands out because while it says that things are dire; there are reasons for hope. Get together with family and friends and find places to plant some trees!

Hopeful for a Better Future

I think we must be somewhere near the bottom of a long national nightmare. Certainly things can get worse. The trade war with China threatens to increase pain and diminish our economy. White nationalist terror can strike at any time, and lead to violence in our cities and countryside. People in other countries see the United States on a level similar to Russia instead of a beacon democracy and human rights. Belief in our institutions continue to decline. Climate change seems to be accelerating the risk of a planet poorly fit for human civilizations as we know them. The free fall of the United States as we know it must end soon; and the signs are growing that the American people have had enough of the criminality, lies, and foolishness. I am hopeful.

White Nationalist Terror – we must stand together

Americans of all backgrounds must stand together to stop terrorists before they kill. There are many ways that we can work to diminish the threat. Our political leaders can show support for the 2nd amendment by placing reasonable limits on the weapons of war being on the street. Citizens who have family members who struggle with anger or reality can alert law enforcement when the person has access to an assault rifle. Citizens in public places will have to work to be vigilant and situationally aware; who is around me, where are the exits, where can I hide? We will all have to ask questions because our reality contains the threat of a hail of bullets from an angry disturbed person.