The Search for Truth and Meaning are the Bulwark for living well

Thanks for joining me!  Our world is currently drowning in information.  We are bombarded with it.  This website is dedicated to providing tools, insights, and questions to analyze what we are seeing in our world today.  To live well we need to be able to determine what is important, and make meaning of that information.  This website is meant to be a place for engagement, communication, education, and empowerment.  Knowledge and understanding are not useful if we do not take action so we will be sharing what actions we can take to improve our world in a principled way that is respectful of human dignity and value.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Firing the Inspector Generals

Why would a president want to fire the inspector generals whose job is to make sure that the law is being followed? One inspector general who was fired had been in his job for the past two presidents; one democrat and one republican. Suddenly with 2 trillion American dollars to spend the current president feels it is a good time to appoint people loyal to him. Many people feel that they can no longer be outraged by this president and there is no floor to his destructive behavior. What we see in this presidency stopped being political a long time ago. The next election is about character and decency. Every American voter will choose between decency or indecency in the next election: no matter what narrative they want to believe. The choice we make will define each individual and the country. God bless America! Vote 2020!

“Power pollutes; obedience enslaves” – Unknown

The four words “power pollutes; obedience enslaves” remind us that in a republic we have a duty to pursue, find, and follow the truth; as this is our true north. Republics have been rare in human history because of our egotistical nature and weakness for sociopaths who tell us what we want to hear versus the truth. I believe Jesus words that “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. The truth frees us and lies are meant to enslave us in one way or another. Today we see networks and political parties of people who regularly deny or obstruct the truth. Our duty as citizens is to question authority to make sure those claiming to be leaders remain servants of the people, and seekers of truth.

Who fired Captain Crozier?

Who is responsible for firing Captain Crozier from his job as commander of the aircraft carrier USS Teddy Roosevelt? Was it the acting Secretary of the Navy? Was it the current President of the US because the situation made him look bad? Was this something that had to happen while the ship was in the middle of dealing with a health emergency? The United States federal government’s response to the COVID19 pandemic has been a failure of leadership on a massive scale. For the same shallow executive branch to attack a Navy officer for displaying leadership to save the lives of his sailors is a degenerative moment set on top of many other failures. Right now the United States appears to be anything but united in the response to the pandemic. Vote 2020!

Now and Later

The Trump administration has developed a record of ignoring science and medicine when they can. The story of the Covid19 virus in the United States is a story of a lack of knowledge leading to a lack of urgency and disaster. This week the Trump administration rolled back EPA fuel standards that were developed to fight the climate crisis which they also deny. When the lights come on and people begin to ask questions the administration has no problem lying or deflecting blame. I believe the virus we are currently battling is a chance to get better at dealing with coming challenges using science and truth. The election of 2020 may be an existential fork in the road for humanity. Please take the time to study and think before you vote in November. If we are not careful this administration will kill us now and later. Vote as if your life, or your families lives depended on it; they do.

Hope is the anchor of the soul

We all need hope to move forward. Dark days demand faith in our fellow human beings and that is the strength of our species. Human beings have been able to overcome formidable challenges in the past by banding together and multiplying our power. Covid19 is pushing all of humanity to think in ways that we have not thought before. Money cannot buy a person out of danger in a pandemic. A person is only as safe as their community is with an invisible and deadly virus. Other people are not the enemy in a viral pandemic; we are forced to lean on each other and what we have created for our protection. I am hopeful that testing, treatments, and a vaccine will be coming sooner rather than later. I am hopeful that good and smart people will emerge to help us to a better day and prepare to confront the challenges that are coming next. We need new leadership; vote in 2020!

The Power of Words

Words matter because they are the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas. It is true that a large percentage of communication is non-verbal, but the words we choose and our tone are what we cling to. Listening to a Jocko Podcast it was revealed that the most important c;characteristic of a Marine officer is tact. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it is a cornerstone of leadership. I recently listened to two politicians discuss America going back to work. One politician just threw out a date and said he would like to see everyone back to work by that date, the other said there will come a point where the threat of virus and the need to get back to work will cross, but he did not know when that would be. The two men likely had similar ideas about Americans returning to work, but one man had little tact and is not seen by many as much of a leader.

Trump is not up to the job

A lot of leaders start from a place of humble service rooted in an honest desire to help improve people’s lives. Many autobiographies and histories tell the stories of people who rose to a new level to lead their nations to growth and success. Donald Trump continuously makes his followers and the country look like fools. People are dying today and when you look at the president you would think that much of what is taking place is about him. If reporters ask an honest question they are being nasty. No one is to ask questions about how we got here or what is actually taking place. We are all supposed to watch the American president make statements that are unquestioned and treat him as if his feelings mattered more than citizen’s lives. America deserves better than this.