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Opinion on climate change


The saga of the evil orange clown grows to an astounding level as he admits to knowing that COVID19 is deadlier than flu months ago. Tens of thousands of Americans have died due to lack of leadership on this pandemic, and no one who has been paying attention is surprised. We are living in a horrific time with the western United States suffering climate crisis events and COVID19 widespread throughout the country. We have no leader at a time when threats are accelerating and leadership is required to avoid existential catastrophe. Republicans seem to think this is all a political game and do not seem to have any sense of urgency. The ethics of the Republicans have been nonexistent when it comes to Trump. Please pay attention and vote like the future depends on it because it does.

Millennial voters

There is a lot of reporting that millennial voters are not motivated about the upcoming elections. I hope the reporting is incorrect because no group will be impacted more than younger citizens. The continuation of our republic, civil rights, economic growth, climate policy, healthcare policy, and infrastructure development are all on the ballot. If America makes the wrong choice in 2020 there will be a series of unfortunate events accelerating the demise of decent culture and civilization. If you know a millennial or are one; make sure you share the importance of voting with someone who is struggling with priorities and choices. The choice this year is clear and stark. Vote in 2020 like your life depended on it; it does!

Can’t Decide who to vote for?

If you can’t decide on who to vote for in this election try thinking about your priorities and hopes for the future. Do you want young people and future generations to know that lying is a path to success? If you are fine with lying your way to victory then vote for Trump. Do you care if clear crimes and corruption go without accountability; then vote for Trump. If you do not care whether current and future issues are adequately addressed; then vote for Trump. If you are fine with bullying, xenophobia, ignorance, racism, sexism, and fear-mongering; then vote for Trump. If you believe that the climate crisis is a hoax and unworthy of serious attention; vote for Trump. If you believe the United States Constitution matters and that we need a president who has a clue about the importance of the office; then vote for Biden. We will get the government and the reality that we deserve. Please research, register, and vote as soon as you can in 2020.

Essential workers and other heroes

Many Americans are still at work putting themselves and their families at risk for COVID-19. We call them names like essential workers, but they are just people who want to do their part and make a living, The president and others are pushing for things to quickly get back to normal with as many businesses as possible open. The only problem with the complete re-opening of the economy (that everyone wants) is we have no plan to combat COVID-19 being implemented. American leadership has failed on a massive scale. We live in an America with many heroes but Republican political leaders display cowardice while pushing for others to pay the price. Teachers, store clerks, bus drivers, and others should not have everything placed at risk while being treated like canon fodder by Trump and McConnell with no health insurance. Our country is facing pandemics of privilege, greed, corruption, racism, and COVID-19. Most of these pandemics have been with us for awhile and periodically erupt threatening to consume us. Our sense of decency and fairness should push us to value and protect our fellow citizens. Nature is pushing us to adapt to challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. We must begin to build a better America before time runs out.

Defeating foolishness and selfishness

America is a world leading country in the worst way right now. Why are we failing so badly? Americans are no longer comfortable with the truth. We feed ourselves comforting lies that feed our selfishness and usually we get away without any consequences, but now the virus has shown us who we really are. We survived three years of a lying president and only our reputation was noticeably damaged. Covid19 is likely our final warning before climate change takes the stage to show mankind what an existential catastrophe looks like. We need to listen to the science and care about each other while resisting foolish selfishness, or the worst will happen. Dr. Martin Luther King said that ‘we must learn to live together as brothers or we will die as fools’. Under the Trump administration we are living as fools with increasing death among us. Wake up and vote like your life depends on it; because it does.

Long game and Short game

Citizens who want a better future need to be active and engaged in the coming months and beyond. Good people need a long and a short game to bring about change in society. A lot has happened in the short amount of time since George Floyd’s killing, but much more needs to be done for real change. Leaders are emerging who focus on benchmarks and bringing people together to get things done. America will change if most of us want it to happen. The challenge for leaders and caring citizens is to develop the habit of following up. We will all have to monitor what is going on in our society and demand that media works for us, not against us. The saying that you need to “inspect what you expect” must be brought to life if we are to fight climate change, create a just society, and improve our republic. Social media and people power have been harnessed to challenge the status quo which makes the continuous effort that leads to change possible. All of us can research, communicate, and vote in today’s society with a minimum of effort (provided there is no voter suppression); it is the least we can do for a decent future. We must all remember the words from the Bible “Without a vision the people perish”.

More than meets the eye

The protests are about much more than Black Lives Matter. A protester sign said “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.” Some say African Americans are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. In 2016 we elected an individual who gained political fame using the racist birther lie. The individual continues to lie and distort reality to attack others and defend himself. There is no accountability for the individual because his political party chooses to block the truth and limit voter participation. People can ignore a lot when they think things will turn out well for them and those they care about; but they can’t ignore looming disasters to protect a clear threat to their own futures. Citizens are seeking a rock (the truth) to build momentum for decent futures because Trump’s lies and incompetence are so monumental. Trump does not deal honestly with disease, climate, police abuse, and a shaky economy. The myth of strength has been punctured and the evil orange clown is seen increasingly for what he is. Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have said you can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. But, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Many people are tired of the deception as threats grow larger. Please research, talk to friends, register, and vote in 2020 and every election!

Dark Side in control

America today is a nation with the darkness of the nation’s spirit in control. We are lost. The current administration represents the worst of the human and American spirit, but that does not mean everyone sees it that way. The vote coming in November will determine our future in more ways than we can imagine. Many people are afraid that the nation is being invaded by other cultures driving them to support Trump. Other people are afraid that their rights will be taken away if the current administration continues, or that foreign oligarchs will rule in America. The real issue is what happens to truth, justice, and decency. America will cease to be great and probably unravel as the climate and other issues attack modern civilization. Without America leadership toward a sustainable future; a string of dictators, strongmen, and wars will lead a drift to hell on earth. The three Ds of death, disease, and destruction may run rampant as the climate reduces the amount of people the earth will support. Most of the death will be caused by starvation, war, pestilence, and disease. All of the moves that could have been made to address climate and inequality but were not, will come back to haunt humanity. The 2020 vote is incredibly important and irrevocable.

Now and Later

The Trump administration has developed a record of ignoring science and medicine when they can. The story of the Covid19 virus in the United States is a story of a lack of knowledge leading to a lack of urgency and disaster. This week the Trump administration rolled back EPA fuel standards that were developed to fight the climate crisis which they also deny. When the lights come on and people begin to ask questions the administration has no problem lying or deflecting blame. I believe the virus we are currently battling is a chance to get better at dealing with coming challenges using science and truth. The election of 2020 may be an existential fork in the road for humanity. Please take the time to study and think before you vote in November. If we are not careful this administration will kill us now and later. Vote as if your life, or your families lives depended on it; they do.

Loving this life

I make time on a regular basis to count the blessings of my life. Not all of my blessings but those that come to mind. The habit comes in handy regularly and especially at stressful times like the Covid19 pandemic. I can feel the insidious growth of anxiety when I talk with others or listen to the news. We have a lot to think about for ourselves and those we care about. The good news is that because of this threat more Americans and people worldwide will consider science more seriously on climate crisis. Thinking about the joy of taking a breath of fresh air seems more meaningful when it is threatened by a virus. I feel lucky to live in a country that can produce cures for disease despite not providing access to healthcare for everyone. I feel fortunate that so many people know we can be better tomorrow and are acting to make it happen. They say the mind can make energy out of anything including tragedy. I am hopeful that our current problems can be a catalyst for a truly better country.