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Opinion on climate change

Dark Side in control

America today is a nation with the darkness of the nation’s spirit in control. We are lost. The current administration represents the worst of the human and American spirit, but that does not mean everyone sees it that way. The vote coming in November will determine our future in more ways than we can imagine. Many people are afraid that the nation is being invaded by other cultures driving them to support Trump. Other people are afraid that their rights will be taken away if the current administration continues, or that foreign oligarchs will rule in America. The real issue is what happens to truth, justice, and decency. America will cease to be great and probably unravel as the climate and other issues attack modern civilization. Without America leadership toward a sustainable future; a string of dictators, strongmen, and wars will lead a drift to hell on earth. The three Ds of death, disease, and destruction may run rampant as the climate reduces the amount of people the earth will support. Most of the death will be caused by starvation, war, pestilence, and disease. All of the moves that could have been made to address climate and inequality but were not, will come back to haunt humanity. The 2020 vote is incredibly important and irrevocable.

Now and Later

The Trump administration has developed a record of ignoring science and medicine when they can. The story of the Covid19 virus in the United States is a story of a lack of knowledge leading to a lack of urgency and disaster. This week the Trump administration rolled back EPA fuel standards that were developed to fight the climate crisis which they also deny. When the lights come on and people begin to ask questions the administration has no problem lying or deflecting blame. I believe the virus we are currently battling is a chance to get better at dealing with coming challenges using science and truth. The election of 2020 may be an existential fork in the road for humanity. Please take the time to study and think before you vote in November. If we are not careful this administration will kill us now and later. Vote as if your life, or your families lives depended on it; they do.

Loving this life

I make time on a regular basis to count the blessings of my life. Not all of my blessings but those that come to mind. The habit comes in handy regularly and especially at stressful times like the Covid19 pandemic. I can feel the insidious growth of anxiety when I talk with others or listen to the news. We have a lot to think about for ourselves and those we care about. The good news is that because of this threat more Americans and people worldwide will consider science more seriously on climate crisis. Thinking about the joy of taking a breath of fresh air seems more meaningful when it is threatened by a virus. I feel lucky to live in a country that can produce cures for disease despite not providing access to healthcare for everyone. I feel fortunate that so many people know we can be better tomorrow and are acting to make it happen. They say the mind can make energy out of anything including tragedy. I am hopeful that our current problems can be a catalyst for a truly better country.

Hope is the anchor of the soul

We all need hope to move forward. Dark days demand faith in our fellow human beings and that is the strength of our species. Human beings have been able to overcome formidable challenges in the past by banding together and multiplying our power. Covid19 is pushing all of humanity to think in ways that we have not thought before. Money cannot buy a person out of danger in a pandemic. A person is only as safe as their community is with an invisible and deadly virus. Other people are not the enemy in a viral pandemic; we are forced to lean on each other and what we have created for our protection. I am hopeful that testing, treatments, and a vaccine will be coming sooner rather than later. I am hopeful that good and smart people will emerge to help us to a better day and prepare to confront the challenges that are coming next. We need new leadership; vote in 2020!

Coronavirus requires truth

The United States is struggling with the new Coronavirus because our current president has a weak relationship with truth. We have to ask ourselves why so many people believe in a person who clearly is unfit for his office and is not a role model on anything. We need expertise to solve problems like those we face in climate and public health, but we have allowed politicians to attack science. What is it that those who support massive ignorance think they will get from this bargain with the devil? I am hopeful that 2020 will mark a turn away from evil and deception by voters as it becomes clear that there will only be losers if we don’t.

A mindless budget

Trump released his budget and it reduces funding for social programs while increasing military and border wall spending. Trump does nothing to address the deficit spending trend that he has increased throughout his administration, and he reduces funding to the Environmental Protection Agency. The budget represents a long term attack on the American people with cuts to environmental, medical, and social services while failing to address increasing debt. Trump is irresponsible with other people’s money while trying to protect his odds of being re-elected by goosing the economy with borrowed money. He has successfully attacked American institutions like the Justice department, intelligence agencies, etc., but he has not worked to improve any infrastructure besides the border wall that antagonizes our neighbors. If he were an agent for a foreign power you could not expect more damage to America’s long term strength from a single politician.

King Holiday words to ponder

Dr. Martin Luther King said that “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” As I look at today’s challenges this quote resonates as loudly as it ever has. We poison our planet with carbon and plastic while a few thousand billionaires have more wealth than over four billion people. In the United States and other countries tribalism is on the rise and threatens to destroy any effort at global collaboration to save, or improve life on our planet. Many Americans say they would rather have a dictator who thinks like they do rather than have a constitutional republic. Fools and foolish thinking is at high tide right now, but we can change that in 2020… it may be our last chance in more ways than one.