Shorter winters and longer summers

Consistency versus Chaos

Consistency comes from strong minds gathering facts, making choices and the discipline to follow up. Consistent leaders can work with others to plan a course of action and explain what they are doing to those who don’t understand. You can follow what consistent leaders do and easily understand what thinking underlies their decisions. Chaotic leaders don’t make sense and fail to communicate a vision that makes sense or is moored in truth or logic; typically because they are hiding important facts or are mentally unstable. As citizens we must demand consistency from our leaders, or watch our work (and the work of our ancestors) in this enterprise called the United States of America be destroyed.

Battling Climate Change. (November 20, 2018)

As we head into the shortest days of the year in the USA; remember that the cool or cold days you are experiencing will not be around for long. Think about any children in your life, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. – the world they will live in will be significantly different (and harsher) if we don’t act decisively. Do anything that you can to decrease your carbon footprint and influence policy (vote) for responsibly tackling the problem of man-made climate change.