Guilty but not charged

Trump got away with it. Thanks to Republican senators Trump will be allowed to run for president again, and worse, fundraise as if he were running. Trump’s record shows he is a grifter and criminal sociopath who is free to continue in his ways. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell said that Trump was guilty of sending a mob to attack Congress after he voted not to impeach him based on a made up technicality. America remains a republic but now our history includes a party that refuses to confront criminal behavior due to the fear of a group of voters. America is now a weaker country that enemies view as an opportunity because we have citizens who are interested in attacking fellow countrymen. We have revealed ourselves as not committed to the truth (which had been our strength), and more interested in a leader who lies to us. America has a clear new weakness demonstrated by a commitment to things other than truth and justice. Foreign affairs and our internal politics will shift as a result of Trump. America’s intelligence and police agencies will now be diverted to domestic terrorism because Trump needs threats to get what he wants. Every citizen will need to be more focused, and active, to prevent the rise of authoritarians who are fine with breaking a republic that does not give them what they want.

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