Do you have to prove Coup?

Trump telegraphed that he was going to use the threat of violence throughout his political career. Violence against protestors at his events, politicians who challenged him, anyone who dared to confront his criminal or corrupt behaviors. Trump lost the election and is too cowardly to face his own failure. Trump’s supporters are people with similar issues who believe that they are entitled to have their pathetic egos stroked no matter who is injured in the process. Everyone saw Trump set the stage for the assault on the US Capitol, and then send twisted fools who believe in him more than the US Constitution to attack it. The world, and America, must now watch the cowardice, and amoral lust for power by Republican senators play out; as they turn themselves into pretzels to rationalize an attempt to overthrow our republic. Watch the impeachment hearings and don’t forget who is a leader in our republic, and who wants Trump to get away with it so that they can improve his formula. Would-be tyrants are cowards who first suck up to those in power in the hope that one day they will have it. If you love our freedoms as Americans don’t forget those who will not protect our republic when it is under threat.

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