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The saga of the evil orange clown grows to an astounding level as he admits to knowing that COVID19 is deadlier than flu months ago. Tens of thousands of Americans have died due to lack of leadership on this pandemic, and no one who has been paying attention is surprised. We are living in a horrific time with the western United States suffering climate crisis events and COVID19 widespread throughout the country. We have no leader at a time when threats are accelerating and leadership is required to avoid existential catastrophe. Republicans seem to think this is all a political game and do not seem to have any sense of urgency. The ethics of the Republicans have been nonexistent when it comes to Trump. Please pay attention and vote like the future depends on it because it does.

Millennial voters

There is a lot of reporting that millennial voters are not motivated about the upcoming elections. I hope the reporting is incorrect because no group will be impacted more than younger citizens. The continuation of our republic, civil rights, economic growth, climate policy, healthcare policy, and infrastructure development are all on the ballot. If America makes the wrong choice in 2020 there will be a series of unfortunate events accelerating the demise of decent culture and civilization. If you know a millennial or are one; make sure you share the importance of voting with someone who is struggling with priorities and choices. The choice this year is clear and stark. Vote in 2020 like your life depended on it; it does!

Can’t Decide who to vote for?

If you can’t decide on who to vote for in this election try thinking about your priorities and hopes for the future. Do you want young people and future generations to know that lying is a path to success? If you are fine with lying your way to victory then vote for Trump. Do you care if clear crimes and corruption go without accountability; then vote for Trump. If you do not care whether current and future issues are adequately addressed; then vote for Trump. If you are fine with bullying, xenophobia, ignorance, racism, sexism, and fear-mongering; then vote for Trump. If you believe that the climate crisis is a hoax and unworthy of serious attention; vote for Trump. If you believe the United States Constitution matters and that we need a president who has a clue about the importance of the office; then vote for Biden. We will get the government and the reality that we deserve. Please research, register, and vote as soon as you can in 2020.

Would a foreign agent try to divide America or unite it?

Donald Trump is suspected by many people with expertise in government and espionage of being an agent for Russia or it’s oligarchs. The experts believe that there is a financial trail that tells the story of who Trump’s real bosses are. Many point to Helsinki and Trump bowing down to Vladimir Putin while rejecting America’s intelligence agencies. Trump still has not released his tax records as he promised he would years ago. We have a new problem today with Trump working to pit Americans against one another using pre-existing racial divides in our society. The Russians used racial divides to help Trump in the 2016 election and are doing so again in 2020. As Americans consider their vote in 2020 here are some questions we should ask ourselves: 1. Why does Trump attack Americans and suck up to Putin? 2. Why doesn’t he release his taxes? 3. Why doesn’t he support our troops when Russians place bounties on their heads in Afghanistan? There are many other questions to ask about Trump and his motivations. See if you can think of three more that I have not mentioned. Research the issues and plan your vote in 2020!

“The cost of Liberty is less than the price of Repression.” – WEB DuBois

What does DuBois mean when he says that the cost of liberty is less than the price of Repression? I think he is saying that we must act quickly to protect our freedoms because once they are lost it is costlier to regain them. Wise citizens are vigilant in protecting their freedoms because they know the price of failure is very high. Ferguson, Missouri was an example of DuBois’ quote. Black citizens wee the majority of the city, but did not vote in large numbers until after the killing of Michael Brown and the protests that followed. The Department of Justice found that Black citizens were targeted for tickets and fines by Ferguson police to raise revenue for the city. Ferguson represents an example of the high price of repression for Black citizens who did not pay the cost of liberty by organizing and voting in their city. Every American citizen is now witnessing scientific organizations like the CDC being overruled by Trump, and lies costing lives. Repression warps and degrades people and systems. We have to educate ourselves and act to pay the cost of liberty. As Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. We are paying a price for the current repression taking place, and worse days are coming if Trump is re-elected. Plan your vote to end the Trump chaos; restore truth and liberty!

Corrupt politicians running law and order campaigns

We live in interesting times; a president identified as an unnamed co-conspirator and the object of many legal investigations claims he is the last hope of law & order. Many knowledgeable pundits say the president is desperate to win in part because he will have to face legal accountability if he does not. I hope it matters to most Americans that criminals are brought to justice and not remain in power directing legal forces to attack his foes. The degeneration of America will be complete if the president is re-elected. It has been said that this election is really between white supremacy and the ideals of America. I hope the ideals of America are victorious. Research and vote in 2020!

Is Trump good on the economy?

The current president polls higher on the economy than his challenger Joe Biden, but what has he done to deserve support? Trump has let the COVID19 pandemic grow out of control and gross domestic product (GDP) crashed because of it. Trump gives the wealthy and business whatever they want for short-term success with no investment in infrastructure for the long-term. The deficit for US government spending is at new highs, and our debt has ballooned with nothing gained for the majority of citizens. More money to people who don’t need it, and increased anxiety for working people whose healthcare and other benefits are shrinking. The stock markets are moving up because there is more money for the wealthy to invest while companies are becoming more efficient with fewer employees. The US is coming to a point where short-term thinking and greed on the economy may lead to a market crash. The stakes of the 2020 election are massive. Everyone needs to search for the truth and plan your vote in 2020!

Bats***t Crazy

Brian Stelter in his new book “Hoax” says that Fox personalities like Sean Hannity have stated that Trump is crazy, but don’t share this with their viewers. The current president has revealed the cowardice and lack of patriotism in the Republican Senate, House of Representatives, party apparatus, and media. Either for love of power or fear of a tweet many persons in positions of leadership and public trust deserve neither. The question for us is when does this end and what happens to the people who help perpetrate a lie to the American people? Why do so many conservatives and Republicans lack a moral compass? I believe that the underlying racism of the Republican Party since the Southern strategy of the 1960s has left these people with little but hatred or self-interest. Lying and deception have become so ingrained that decency is hard to find among Republicans in the age of Trump. It is stunning. America may be swallowed by the filth we find ourselves stuck in, but we will fight in the upcoming election. Plan your vote and know your options by texting “vote” to 30330.

Michelle Obama is right!

I watched Michelle Obama speak tonight and I was amazed at her accuracy in describing our predicament and our challenge. Americans must define themselves and get rid of Trump and the Republican majority in the senate. The future of our nation and the world depends on this election. Trump threatens to not leave the White House if he loses while attacking the US postal service with no evidence. As outrageous and threatening to the republic as Trump is; his threat to the climate is the final nail in the coffin of our human future on the planet. He wants to remove restrictions on methane leaks from oil exploration that major oil companies say are important to fighting climate change. Trump has repeatedly shown that he is ignorant, does not care about humanity, and thrives on casual cruelty. Trump says outrageous things and acts like he is running a criminal organization rather than a government. If America does not rebuke the abomination of his presidency we will be damning ourselves in more ways than one. Please vote like the future and your life depends on it because they do. Research and vote Democrat up and down the ballot in 2020!

America saves the world!

I always believed that the headline “America saves the world” was an expectation. I never thought that we would be a role model for fascist and criminal regimes. Many people feel that this is who we are under the Trump regime. We do not defend human rights, democracy, or the rule of law because these concepts are under attack in our country. Americans seem to have been devoured by strange aliens, and transformed into fascists who are frightened by anyone considered an “other”. The coming election will define America and the true narrative of who we are. I look at the American flag as an enigma these days even though I am a veteran. I have hope that the real America will re-emerge and show everyone that we are the leader of the free world. We will re-earn the trust of freedom loving people everywhere when we vote the Biden – Harris ticket into office. Trump is a malevolent force, but Americans will make him irrelevant and save the world from fascism, and the worst form of climate change. I pray that that the forces of hope for mankind will be led by America as we build a better future.