The Looting has begun

The Trump administration is ethically challenged; this statement is not a revelation to anyone who has been paying attention. As the election looms on the horizon there seems to be more energy from Trump to break the law and increase his personal wealth: 1) A US ambassador being coerced to ask the British government to move their major golf tournament to Trump’s property to make the president money. 2) Presidential reelection campaign funds allegedly being diverted to personal accounts are being investigated. 3) Personal friends of the president know that pardons are available if they are caught while carrying out his corrupt wishes (examples – Roger Stone, General Flynn). Trump knows that the Republican senate will not hold him accountable as long as he is useful to their political agenda. The corruption in our country must be dealt with in November. We are in this mess because too many politicians have gotten away with murder for too long by saying things like “both sides do it”, when one side dominated lying; the Republicans. Trump knew what he was doing when he joined the GOP and became the king of the liars. We need two or more principled and patriotic political parties, not one. Please research and vote to save our republic in 2020!

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