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Fascism and the new Racism in America

America is still a country relying on truth as the bedrock of our republic but increasingly we are under attack by lies and selfishness. Ron DeSantis seems to be the replacement for Trump should he face conviction for his legion of alleged felonies. DeSantis pushes attacks on marginalized groups like Blacks while claiming to defend traditional values. He offers ideas like more power for police over civilians, and centralized state control of education. Everything would be routed and controlled by DeSantis and those he would pick to defend what Professor Eddie Glaude Jr has called the Big Lie of White Supremacy. Using tribalism to achieve strongman status is not a new trick. People like Trump and DeSantis love the poorly educated as they seek to achieve the power of a Putin so they can pillage and loot America. Truth has never been more important for the American republic to have a future. Research and act to protect the decency and dignity of American citizenship. President Biden and Democrats cannot save us on their own. We need two parties based (predominantly) on truth and integrity; not just Democrats. After the Trump assault on the law and democracy don’t buy the “both sides do it” lie. Republican practice lying and deception far more because they dupe the poor with tribalism while selling out to corporations and the wealthy. Vote Democrat until Republicans return to policies and ideas that put improving American society for all citizens first.

One political party activates disturbed people regularly – Republicans

Americans are at a point where we must act to protect what is decent in our country or we will lose everything. Our economy, our reputation, our dignity, and our lives will all be sacrificed because some people (called Republicans these days) desire power above all else. Republicans display a desire for power in the world and do not appear to care about their souls; they make it obvious when they threaten and harass others while claiming religion as their reason. Voting in the midterms this year is extremely important to maintain a decent society. People of goodwill cannot accept any excuses for empowering evil people who do not care about truth or justice. Vote Democrat until Republicans stop appealing to violence and negative emotions with lies and half-truths. Hold Republicans accountable if you believe truth and decency are values to be respected.