What is a criminal?

When the president of the United States uses the law to hurt his enemies and help his friends; what is a crime? A system that says if I do it it is okay, but if you do it, it is a crime cannot stand. Every person serving a sentence for wrongdoing has to question why they are in jail when guilty people who help the president walk free after being convicted. The Republican led United States Senate refuses to uphold its constitutional duties and provide a check on the lawlessness of the current president. With corruption and crimes ranging from obstruction of justice to attempted bribery of a foreign government; we see failure to prosecute or potential collaboration from the administration. There are several guilty persons associated with the current president’s administration who have been pardoned or remain unpunished. The rules seem only to apply to the poor and unconnected. We have little left to be proud of as Americans as long as this goes without accountability.

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