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Haiti in crisis gives us a chance to be good neighbors.

The Haitian president was assassinated last night and we don’t know what that will mean for the USA and our interests. An unstable Haiti usually means desperate people trying to reach the United States rather than face imminent death for themselves or family. Haiti has been victimized by a racist western world from the beginning of it’s nationhood when soon after a successful slave revolt they began to pay reparations to the French. We don’t know if the Haitian negotiator who accepted reparations was paid under the table by the French, but Haiti has been an impoverished nation from it’s beginning. The United States should send resources to Haiti including advisors and security forces with orders to help Haiti reach specific goals in set timelines. Any Americans sent to assist should have a specific agreed mission and leave upon completion. We should go there to help the Haitian people and leave when we are done with our stated objectives. America should use this opportunity to help Haiti and other nations in our hemisphere as a way to help neighbors help themselves. If we are good neighbors we will occupy a nice home in a good neighborhood.

Looking for root causes

It is refreshing to see Vice President Kamala Harris traveling to Central America to discuss root causes of desperate immigration trying to reach the United States. We often receive emotional appeals from Republicans to appeal to our fears, but rarely hear empowering ways America can use it’s power to create win-win solutions. Our future as humans on planet Earth is in jeopardy, as is our republic. Every adult American has an opportunity to help good to triumph over evil; but we will have to think and act to do it.

Will immigration destabilize America?

Reports of increased numbers of immigrants at the US border with Mexico are making waves in local and national news outlets. Immigrants are reportedly saying they are coming because they believe that the Biden Administration will allow them more humanity. Immigration issues helped to power Trump to the presidency with his rhetoric about the wall (that immigrants now climb over) and policy of cruelty toward immigrants. Biden wants to return America to it’s status as a defender of human rights and decency, but news reports about increased undocumented immigrants threaten this idea. The Republicans will say that cruelty worked and Democrat’s policies of decency encourage undocumented immigration. Morality, truth, science, and human dignity mean little to power hungry Republicans. If they can make you believe that evil works better than decency their program of degenerating Democracy and seizing power will be further along. Immigration is about more than Black and Brown people showing up at the southern border; Climate Change, unstable countries, corruption, and criminality are causing people to flee to the US. The Biden Administration faces another critical test, but the real people being tested are the American people. We are the deciders who must choose the harder dignified path of an immigration system, or the cruel degenerate short-term lie of border walls and brutality leading to success.

Hoping for Unity

Americans need to be united and committed to a better future for the country. To achieve success we need to have an immigration system that makes sense to everyone and right now we don’t have one. Businesses do not want to accept the responsibility or cost of effectively verifying the citizenship status of employees, so they lobby Republicans to block it. Democrats want to extend citizenship to dreamers and others who have been in the country working for years to promote fairness and dignity. As our disunited country has done for several decades we create a situation that no one likes. We have done the same with healthcare, climate change, civil rights, voter rights, etc. Greed and selfishness have driven us to a dystopian reality in many ways. We have become very good at fighting to get our way while creating inequity, decay, and anger. We have moved beyond the point where we need to stop digging our national grave. It is within America’s ability to help our neighboring countries and create a just immigration system. Joe Biden has asked that we seek win-win solutions; I urge every citizen to contact their representatives about the issues to push for solutions that respect human dignity while promoting unity and justice.

Go big, or go home

President Biden has plenty of work to do, and so far he has done the job of restoring faith in our republic and his leadership of it. The president has been clear in stating what he wants to do and how he will go about trying to achieve bipartisan support. The Republicans want to pretend that the insurrection, and their attempts to hobble the Obama administration before wasting money on a tax cut for the rich with Trump did not happen. President Biden saw all of it and knows that he cannot waste time negotiating with people who have only bad faith towards him achieving anything for the American people. The president knows that he has to play both the long and the short game to be successful and if anyone can do it, he can. The administration’s job right now is to help those who are in jeopardy from the pandemic before moving on to climate change, racial injustice, immigration, infrastructure, and healthcare for all Americans. Many of these issues are interrelated whether Republicans realize it or not. America’s enemies will attack us where we are weak, which right now is our societal divisions and lack of a strong healthcare system. If COVID was an attack it was successful, and the next attack could be stronger and more devastating. America needs a robust healthcare system that services every citizen. The next four years will require a lot of money to be focused on strengthening our society to compete for the future.

A threat to our country

The largest threat to the vision and hope of the American republic is not White people or Black people, it is ignorant people who want others to think for them. Thomas Jefferson said “if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”. America is under threat from liars and corrupt politicians who have no regard for their sheepish voters who continuously support them for vague reasons. The reasons people support liars and crooks are vague most likely because they do not want to state they are based on controlling and disrespecting others. The ignorant, lazy, and modestly entitled must learn that there is a better life possible when everyone can rise to their potential, and not be systematically repressed or terrorized. Freedom is not free, but it is cheaper than tyranny and injustice. Research and vote in every election!

Climate crisis milestones

In the last few days we have seen the first extreme fire alert in California accompanied by dangerous fast moving fires, and the readjustment of the number of people threatened by worldwide coastal flooding in 2050 raised by 300%. Scientist are starting to speculate about migration patterns leading people to leave drought ravaged farm areas for coastal cities which are dealing with flooding. Video of the fires in California due to Santa Ana winds show the danger for fire fighters as wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour. An ember can be picked up by the wind and start a fire behind the fire fighting line while fires blaze like jet engines on dry brush and grass. As a society we face increasing threats that will multiply in force if we continue our current ways. Vote as if your future depends on addressing climate crisis; it does.

The Future is Here

The devastation in the Bahamas is a picture of our future, and is a model of how we can respond to the challenges that are now here. Our neighbors have been devastated and need our help. The climate crisis will make more demands on every facet of our lives, and our government. The current administration shows no vision or effort to prepare or respond to the climate crisis except to build a wall to keep refugees and immigrants out. I am planning to give money for Bahamas relief after researching the organizations offering help there. As you follow what is happening on our planet these days consider doing what you can to help. Our brothers and sisters who are the first impacted by the climate crisis will not be the last, and we must develop the capacity to respond. We may not be able to control the weather events that are coming, but we can control what we do, and how we act in response. We cannot allow the future to be a nightmare.

Deport Isabel?

Maria Isabel Bueso is a young lady who has helped American doctors develop a treatment for a rare disease. Isabel came to America in response to a request from American doctors to study a treatment for a rare disease that affects American citizens. The current administration sent a letter to Isabel saying that she had to leave within the next few weeks which is a death sentence for her because she receives weekly treatments. Will this young lady receive a death sentence because the current administration wants to demonize immigrants? What happens to Isabel will be a judgement on America as we know it. I hope all citizens will rise to defend decency and the golden rule that so many of us live by, and believe in.

Data is pointing to an American comeback

Despite many distressing signs from the current political administration there are signs that Americans are paying attention to the world around them, and preparing to come back strong as the global leader. Survey data shows that more Americans than ever believe that humans are contributing to climate change, and want more done about it. 75% of Americans according to another survey believe that immigrants should be given a path to citizenship. Having a health care system now makes political sense, and it is hard to find someone arguing against Obamacare as a minimum. There is a lot of work to do, but maybe we are seeing the swamp for what it is and know we can do better.