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Hiding the facts, or truth for reopening America

We are watching an experiment but most people already know the result. Some state and local governments are employing the strategy of hiding facts about the spread of COVID19 from the public. The idea seems to be that if people are not aware of virus hotspots they will be more likely to participate in the brick and mortar economy. Challenges to get the truth about the spread of the virus from state and federal government agencies are ongoing. Science and transparency should lead the reopening of America because it is wrong to deceive people about issues of life and death. We have heroes to thank for the defense of the public and our republic. Journalists, health professionals, public servants, and others who have stood up for truth and science. God bless these heroes for being the eyes and voice of the people!

America can do it

The United States has the expertise, manufacturing capability, and imagination to overcome any threat that we can accurately define. The problems come when we are dealing with issues that are beyond our understanding, politicians lie about, or the time it takes for us to learn about the threat. All three of the mentioned challenges to America dealing with the challenge of the pandemic exist now. Trump is lying, the threat is a previously unknown virus, and scientist are learning about the threat but the president will not allow them to speak. America will show the the world leading capability that it has after our leadership changes; until then the unnecessary pain will continue.

Government repression in America

Recent reports of scientists at the Center for Disease Control not being allowed to speak, and now Dr. Fauci not allowed to testify to the House of Representatives are disturbing. A pandemic has hit the United States hard leaving many questions about how our government handled the threat. Our experts are being muzzled by the Trump administration. After losing tens of thousands of Americans we have a right to know what happened and how we will proceed. I hope that the United States begins to take advantage of our powerful institutions to defeat the COVID-19 threat, but we have not done so yet. Leadership makes the difference between potential and achievement. Vote in 2020!

Trump is not up to the job

A lot of leaders start from a place of humble service rooted in an honest desire to help improve people’s lives. Many autobiographies and histories tell the stories of people who rose to a new level to lead their nations to growth and success. Donald Trump continuously makes his followers and the country look like fools. People are dying today and when you look at the president you would think that much of what is taking place is about him. If reporters ask an honest question they are being nasty. No one is to ask questions about how we got here or what is actually taking place. We are all supposed to watch the American president make statements that are unquestioned and treat him as if his feelings mattered more than citizen’s lives. America deserves better than this.

Good News is coming on Coronavirus

I believe that good news is coming from places where we do not expect it. Reports of a Japanese treatment that is effective against the coronavirus is making scientist take notice. It is notable that Singapore has an effective public health plan that allows its economy to continue working while it battles coronavirus. People around the world are fighting coronavirus and success is taking place now. I hope that we are not hit as hard as some medical professionals fear. I think that once we demonstrate the leadership to not just focus on the USA, but work with truth, science, and our fellow human beings from around the world; we will develop our potential. We can grow from trying to make America great again, to making it better than ever.

Coronavirus requires truth

The United States is struggling with the new Coronavirus because our current president has a weak relationship with truth. We have to ask ourselves why so many people believe in a person who clearly is unfit for his office and is not a role model on anything. We need expertise to solve problems like those we face in climate and public health, but we have allowed politicians to attack science. What is it that those who support massive ignorance think they will get from this bargain with the devil? I am hopeful that 2020 will mark a turn away from evil and deception by voters as it becomes clear that there will only be losers if we don’t.

Is Corona Virus an event that will move us toward Universal Healthcare?

The corona virus has many people concerned about protecting themselves and the people they care about. The virus underlines the point that we are all linked in public health due to the risk of infectious disease. A family or individual health plan will not save you if a disease is attacking your community and a large percentage of people are uninsured or cannot afford access. I hope we move toward coverage for every citizen with accessible care in both rural and urban areas. We can do better!