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Staying the course

Under President Biden’s leadership the United States is starting to heal and strengthen, but Republican victory in the 2022 congressional races can reverse that quickly. America is nowhere close to being out of danger. Until insurrectionists are held accountable and the truth informs the majority of American decisions; we face new horrors. Some politicians talk of bipartisanship at a time when one party (Republicans) is trying to create a one party state or autocracy. The pandemics (COVID, climate crisis, tribalism, increasing autocratic power, etc.) assaulting America and the world are not going away, only determined American leadership provides the best outcomes. The wisdom of the crowd comes out when the people have access to the truth; this has been America’s strength. Research and act to protect the vote for yourself and all citizens

Risk Inflation or Oblivion?

Republicans are saying that the Biden Administration wants to spend too much money on human and societal infrastructure, but what is the alternative? The majority of people currently alive believe that the climate is changing rapidly for the worse. Do we wait for the point of no-return to act (have we already done so)? Inflation is a bad economic outcome that can be corrected, but a climate hostile to civilization is not. We have received more than enough warnings from nature to begin our response; the time to act is now. The situation with COVID19 attacking the unvaccinated in a new wave of destruction is an example for us to consider, multiplied exponentially to understand the risk of climate crisis. Once the climate turns against humanity it will not stop until modern society is destroyed. Research and act to prevent catastrophe. The planet will be here after we are gone, but our selfish and egotistical society will be gone if we do not change.

Checks for families with kids – A Big Deal

Americans with middle and lower incomes received checks starting July 15 and this will reportedly lift up to half of the children living in poverty out of it. Children are expensive and our society has not shown that it values children after birth recently. President Biden’s administration and the Democrat congress have sent a message that the decline in child births is noticed. America’s identity has changed into that of a selfish and cruel nation both internationally and here at home after Trump. I am hopeful that Americans of conscious and goodwill will create a better future and reputation for our country. We have a lot to do but support for America’s children and future is an important step foreword. Research and act to build a better America.

Haiti in crisis gives us a chance to be good neighbors.

The Haitian president was assassinated last night and we don’t know what that will mean for the USA and our interests. An unstable Haiti usually means desperate people trying to reach the United States rather than face imminent death for themselves or family. Haiti has been victimized by a racist western world from the beginning of it’s nationhood when soon after a successful slave revolt they began to pay reparations to the French. We don’t know if the Haitian negotiator who accepted reparations was paid under the table by the French, but Haiti has been an impoverished nation from it’s beginning. The United States should send resources to Haiti including advisors and security forces with orders to help Haiti reach specific goals in set timelines. Any Americans sent to assist should have a specific agreed mission and leave upon completion. We should go there to help the Haitian people and leave when we are done with our stated objectives. America should use this opportunity to help Haiti and other nations in our hemisphere as a way to help neighbors help themselves. If we are good neighbors we will occupy a nice home in a good neighborhood.

Juneteenth is a big deal

President Biden signed the bill into law creating a new federal holiday to recognize the end of legal slavery in the United States. The Juneteenth Federal holiday is a big deal. It is not the reparations that are owed to African-American citizens targeted for disrespect mixed with social and economic warfare; but it is something. America has benefited from free labor, underpayment, and theft targeting Black people. The truth must come out before justice can be strengthened in America. Sadly an American political party (Republicans), and a percentage of citizens are fine with lying and injustice targeting their fellow citizens. How this all turns out is yet to be determined. Research and act to make the moral arc of the universe bend towards justice!

Is America based on fear?

Is the American way of life based on fear of poverty and failure? For many people born into the right families poverty is not a possibility, but for others it is a daily threat. America is rated low for social mobility because the rich get richer and the rest remain anxious. No healthcare, universal pre-school, family leave for essential workers (or people in the gig economy) in our country. Many Americans live with the threat of missing a few checks leading to homelessness and poverty. Most school-aged children before the Biden tax plan lived in poverty. America is reputedly the richest country in the world but desperation is everywhere. Untreated mental illness leads the headlines on a daily basis. Are we going to do anything about the death and mayhem that are regular features of American life? Research, vote, and act to build a better future.

Looking for root causes

It is refreshing to see Vice President Kamala Harris traveling to Central America to discuss root causes of desperate immigration trying to reach the United States. We often receive emotional appeals from Republicans to appeal to our fears, but rarely hear empowering ways America can use it’s power to create win-win solutions. Our future as humans on planet Earth is in jeopardy, as is our republic. Every adult American has an opportunity to help good to triumph over evil; but we will have to think and act to do it.

Double whammies are a real threat due to climate change

The twin dangers of climate change and the failure to upgrade our power grids pose a large-scale lethal threat to Americans. Research has projected that American cities and power grids are not ready for heat waves that are increasingly common due to climate change. Heat waves have brought on rolling blackouts in cities that are not prepared to provide emergency cooling facilities for 98% of their populations. High temperatures without air conditioning lead to heat related deaths, and we could see them by the thousands in the near future. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan has provisions for upgrading out power grid. Make sure that you help to avoid thousands more American deaths (after more than 550,000 due to Trump foolishness) due to heat waves and inadequate power grids. Make sure that your representatives know where you stand on the American Jobs Plan.

Investing in Americans

President Joe Biden is working to gain support for large investments (American Family Plan and the American Jobs Plan) in the American people after years of trickle down economics failing us. The president says that taxes on corporations and the top one percent will pay for the investments without driving up national debt (remember that the one percent have become much more wealthy in the last 50 years and can afford higher tax rates). Economist like Paul Krugman say that investments in Americans will actually increase GDP and make the United States a wealthier country. The other large impact of the Biden investments will be a healthier happier citizenry with more education, healthcare access, and job skills. I believe that President Biden’s proposal are the way to go for America, and the time for them is now. Research the Biden proposals and support Democrats if you believe the time for investment in the American people is now.

Climate change and power grids

President Joe Biden is working to get an infrastructure bill passed that will create several hundred thousand good paying jobs. The passage of the bill will be timely because the window to eliminate carbon as a destructive force in our atmosphere is closing. Republicans may argue that the price tag for a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill is too high, but the cost of not getting the job done is the end of civilization as we know it. The good news is that we are already making important gains in clean energy. California spent several seconds at 94.5 percent renewable energy usage in late April of 2021. Operating at nearly 100 percent clean energy even on a good day is a big deal. This is great news because we are still in the early stages of renewable energy development and power grid updating. Clean energy costs are declining and are cheaper than fossil fuels for power generation companies. The infrastructure bill could push the United States into the fast lane of clean energy and efficient reliable power grids. No more Texas power grid nightmares and likely cheaper prices for electricity. Tell your representatives to get on board with the Biden infrastructure plan.