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Ideas for thinking and behaving more effectively

The Power of Ownership

As a fan of Jocko Willink, his podcast (Jocko Podcast), and his first book (Extreme Ownership written with Leif Babbin) I refer to his principals to help me with perspective. Jocko constantly talks about playing the long game when dealing with other people at work, within a family, or almost any circumstance. Jocko often speaks of the importance of being able to detach and control your ego in situations so that you can arrive at good decisions and solutions. He says that you know that your ego is taking control when you get emotional or are focusing on your personal interests instead of the team. The driver for taking the longer view (as I understand it) is being able to claim ownership for what is happening in your life and surroundings rather than making excuses or seeking to place blame elsewhere. To own it you have to think about all of the ways that you could make things better for yourself and those around you. I highly recommend the Jocko Podcast and the book Extreme Ownership. The book is about leadership, but the first person you have to lead is yourself.

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson

I have started listening to the audiobook version of 12 Rules for Life by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, and I am impressed by what I have heard so far. Dr. Peterson speaks to his rules from the aspects of his personal experience, literature, Psychology, and the Bible. I find the book fascinating and stimulating on life’s key issues. I recommend this book based on what I have heard up to the third rule. I recommend this book to people who have library access and enjoy reflecting on ways to improve in life. I will follow up when I finish the book, but I wanted to share my thoughts of this provocative book/

Debt snowball power

Dave Ramsey talks about the debt snowball on his programs all the time. It is easy in the course of life to think that you are somehow different or special in your circumstance and I have done this. But I have learned that using the debt snowball strategy of targeting bills from smallest to largest works. When you focus your resources and look your financial issues square in the face you can make headway and win with money as Dave says. I use two spreadsheets including Ramsey Solutions Every Dollar app and my own Excel spreadsheet and they have helped me focus my money on my goals. I recommend two things to help you develop a financial game plan. 1. Listen to the Dave Ramsey Show on podcast or the radio when you can for motivation. 2. Take some time to study and plan your budget regularly with a tool or two.

College debt and planning

Dave Ramsey and his team (Anthony O’Neil author of Debt Free Degree) have turned up the volume on the college debt conversation. Ramsey believes that going into debt is almost always a mistake, and should be avoided through planning. Ramsey and O’Neil advise students to go to a value school, get scholarships, and work their way through college. It sounds like a better idea than going deeply into debt and hoping the government pays off the loan. It is good that people thinking about college are being encouraged to think seriously about the cost.

Deport Isabel?

Maria Isabel Bueso is a young lady who has helped American doctors develop a treatment for a rare disease. Isabel came to America in response to a request from American doctors to study a treatment for a rare disease that affects American citizens. The current administration sent a letter to Isabel saying that she had to leave within the next few weeks which is a death sentence for her because she receives weekly treatments. Will this young lady receive a death sentence because the current administration wants to demonize immigrants? What happens to Isabel will be a judgement on America as we know it. I hope all citizens will rise to defend decency and the golden rule that so many of us live by, and believe in.

Great podcasts that I recommend

There is a lot of growth in the podcast business and I want to share three essential programs that promote living well and enjoying liberty: 1. The Jocko Podcast is a great listen that reviews books and stories of military veterans and relates them to leadership and living well. Sound difficult? Host Jocko Willink with producer Echo Charles weave career, fitness, and lifestyle with military history and strategy for an entertaining, insightful, and funny show. To quote Jocko – “Discipline = Freedom”. 2. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell is entertaining while teaching you a truth you did not know existed, but should. This is an excellent podcast. 3. The Dave Ramsey Show is great while being straight to the point about money and life – get out of debt, stay out of debt, and enjoy financial freedom. The stories are all different, but the road to better living is the same; get discipline, and lose debt.