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Rosa Parks to Darnella Frazier; the struggle continues

Rosa Parks was a person who didn’t seek fame, but did not shrink from doing her part in the struggle for civil rights. After Mrs. Parks stood up for the civil rights of African-Americans on public transportation she was economically targeted, and had to leave Birmingham, Alabama. Darnella Frazier was not looking for recognition either, but she did the right thing when she saw evil. She held up a mirror not just to police behavior, but to America and what we allow in our public servants. Derek Chauvin would probably have gotten away with murder if Darnella had not stood up to his evil. With Darnella leading the way the Minneapolis community defined itself as people who would not tolerate clear evil. The struggle between those who will allow evil to triumph as long as it leaves them comfortable, and those who will not make a deal with the devil goes on. Hopefully new laws will protect decency for everyone and diminish opportunities for evil, but as the quote says “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty/“

America remains the world’s best hope and potential greatest disaster

The United States offers so many strengths and so much hope that it cannot be ignored by people around the world. Americans seem to be stuck in repeating cycles of conspiracy theories, assault rifle mass murders, abusive police incidents, failing infrastructure events, and an ongoing cold civil war revolving around culture, race, and politics. Americans say they want change, but vote for the same politicians who deliver the same results and threaten worse. There is no way that people with integrity can continue to ignore the reality that what we say we are, and who we actually are during elections is different. People are known for being deceptive and conflicted (demanding morality in others while being ruthless and amoral in pursuit of selfish goals for instance), but we are capable of enlightenment and acting in our ultimate best interest. Make sure that you know the stakes in the events of our time and act for a better future. George Floyd’s trial is a milestone on our journey to somewhere; let’s hope and work so that it is not hell.

The problem with WAIC

White American Inferiority/Insecurity Complex (WAIC) is a problem for everyone because it keeps all people from reaching their potential. Fearful people whether they are Black or White are not able to reach their potential. People who externalize their negative emotions create victims and tragic headlines in random ways. Fear builds and spreads like a virus that weakens trust between people, but also in institutions. Building a more perfect union in our country will require confronting difficult truths like the systemic abuses of civil and human rights that the Woke movement addresses. America will either move to increase freedom or decrease it depending on the wisdom and knowledge of our citizens. Fear and hatred (for the self first and then others) pushes people toward foolish and destructive outcomes. It is frightening that the majority of whites voted for Trump, but more of this group moved away from this malevolent political force than any other group. There is hope in America. If Americans can identify and confront liars and lies consistently we will honor all of the sacrifices made for this republic.

Conmen looking for malevolent dupes

News reports that Donald Trump fundraises off of lying about the 2020 election and tricks donors into giving money weekly instead of a one-time gift is not surprising to most people. The stunning truth is the millions of people who continue to believe Trump and have respect for him. Americans are not forced to listen to, or watch, particular sources of information; they choose outlets providing lies and and deception fitting their view of the world. The view of the world that is against increasing the number of citizens who vote, against equal rights for women, against civil rights, against social mobility. A large number of Americans don’t believe in democracy or equality; they want to be entitled and able to lie about opportunity for all. Americans who want an America that lives up to the social contract that rewards work and discipline with dignity and respect must be ready to vote and provide resources for it. The struggle between good and evil is never won by sitting around and waiting for someone else to provide it to you. Vote, contact your representatives, and donate to causes you care about.

America degenerates

After four years of Trump we are deep in the sewer as a country, but trying to climb out. Numerous Trump officials likely committed multiple acts of corruption or criminality and have yet to face official accountability. We have numerous Republicans in the US Congress who will not say that an American election was free and fair; even though they cannot prove cheating that would have made a difference. State legislatures want to make it harder to vote, but have no evidence of a need for fewer voters beyond protecting their party. Asian Americans feel targeted by their countrymen as do many other ethnic groups after Trump’s assault on truth and decency. I have heard several people in media and elsewhere speak of being ready to fight to protect themselves. America is at a crossroads. If our leaders and representatives do not act decisively; the degeneration Trump and his followers started will metastasize into civil war. The rising insanity and evil that is perpetrated by those who feel entitled to act with impunity must be met with truth, compassion, and justice. Putin wanted Trump for president because he felt he was a tool for American decline and self-destruction in all areas. Putin has won all of the early rounds but the fight is not over. Research our history and current reality from verified sources. Be ready to make the important decisions made by citizens in a republic.

Biden administration has to move mountains

It appears the Biden administration has COVID in retreat after Trump refused to deal with it seriously. A new book says that Trump was totally fooled by the Chinese leadership and then became angry. He could not admit being tricked so kept lying to cover up and protect his fragile ego. Biden now has to deal with a range of issues that the previous administration ignored or just made worse. From climate to low social mobility and voting rights our country is in danger. Democrats have seen that Republicans are not dedicated to the US Constitution, but focused on power. Lies about the election, the need for masking, climate change, and massive corruption are major issues today. Lies flow too easily from too many Republicans. The old saying that ‘the first casualty of war is the truth’ rings true for today’s America. Joe Biden and the Democrats must continue to make significant progress against major real world threats. while preventing civil war and fighting for the soul of America.

Recognize Heroes

We need to recognize heroes regularly in America. We elect presidents and public officials who are contemptible and we expect our future to be good. We cannot have a good future when we hold up corrupt figures (like Donald Trump) as leaders of our society. We look at our politics and both sides shake their heads while one side (Republicans) consistently lies to uphold their viewpoint. America is in a moral valley of epic proportions. We will either break towards fascism and deep evil, or rise towards hope and saving our species from self-destruction. Heroes like the two white men in Portland who stood up on May 26, 2017 to defend minority women from threat by a crazed white supremacist and lost their lives. They should be recognized. Do you know their names? Talliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, and Rick Best were killed protecting the lives of two Somali women on a light rail train. MIcah David-Cole Fletcher was wounded in the fight. These men are heroes and we should recognize their heroism regularly as a part of what decency means in modern America after the filth of Trump. It is not enough to label the evil and hold them accountable, we must recognize selflessness and what we should all strive to be.

One White privilege – voting your class or your race

Heather McGhee in her new book “The Sum of Us” says that white Americans have voted their race more than their class, which is why Republicans are where they are. I have observed this phenomena and not known what to call it. Republicans can behave badly, lie, be corrupt, and attack working people and still win. I knew that it was due to racism, but had never heard it put more concisely than Ms. McGhee put it. America is on the edge of choosing fascism over democracy as Republicans in state legislatures propose laws to restrict voting because they lost. Trump has spun his lie of the election being stolen into a movement to restrict voting access. Republicans believe they can destroy democratic norms and still win due to racism in the American electorate. The near future will tell us if America as the shining city on a hill is dead. The world sees us for who we are because it is so obvious. Trump is not hard to figure out. He is a corrupt, racist, sociopath for all who observe him without hoping he will damage their fellow humans of another race/class in America. For those wretched souls who believe he can help them he is reportedly a savior. There are sad days ahead unless Joe Biden can restore hope in America. Research, vote, and work to restore the American dream and republic!

Wreckless Republicans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted mask restrictions after the CDC asked that everyone continue to mask up until we reach higher levels of vaccination. The Republican governor of Mississippi did the same after Florida governor DeSantis bragged at CPAC that his state was a bastion of freedom for defying the health experts. Greg Abbott has already been complicit while Texans died and suffered due to Republican leadership’s 20 plus year failure to prepare the power grid for cold weather conditions. Republicans in the Senate refuse to recognize the results of the 2020 elections except for their own victories. Republicans are becoming a divisive and malevolent force as they attack the republic for their failure to hold power. Our country could become increasingly destabilized if character does not become a descriptor of Republicans. Republicans have become too wed to racism hidden under the slogan that “Government is the problem” as Reagan said. Government is the problem when it attempts to guarantee the rights of citizens no matter their color apparently. Research and vote to hold politicians accountable for truth and policy. Fight against greed, lies, and fear to save our republic!

American Aces

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying “empires of the future will be empires of the mind”. To me he is saying that the old tribal empires are the past, and the future will be driven ideas. Until recently America was perhaps the most admired nation in the world. Four years of Trump’s xenophobia, fascism, and racism have left even allies feeling that they cannot trust America because Americans put him in power. We allowed our strengths of truth and diversity to be undermined by a clownish wannabe dictator. America is on the comeback trail under the leadership of Joe Biden, but our problem is a Republican party that has surrendered to the ideas of white supremacy and Trump. The fight against the idea that tribalism will give followers a better life than other Americans can be won by truth, courage, and the embrace of the humanity of all. Dr. King said that “we will learn to live together as brothers, or we will die as fools.” The struggle to save our republic is critical on multiple levels. Failure will result in chaos, collapse, and on-coming climate disaster. Be an ace. Research our societal issues and stay active in our politics; activism and voting is better than any alternative.