Empires of the mind

Winston Churchill is reported to have said that; “Empires of the future will be empires of the mind.” I hope that Mr. Churchill is right, because if future empires are not about a creed, but instead a tribe or race; we are in for a lot of violence and destruction. The United States is currently the front line of a wannabe authoritarian attempting to pervert the truth to cease power. Many people have been surprised by how far things have gone without checks and balances doing anything to stop the assault on the republic and it’s alliances. As events play out you can observe leaders and people who believe in the creed of the rule of law in our republic stand up and tell the truth. Liars say there is nothing going on, or that there is a conspiracy against the president, while they don’t explain why he does not defend himself with sworn testimony during hearings. These are perilous times. God Bless America!

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