Held Accountable?

Now that the House of Representatives has impeached the 45th President what will happen next? Will the president behave in a way that is more honorable? Will he cease attempts to bribe foreign leaders for help in the 2020 election and efforts to cover it up? From what can be observed in our partisan Congress so far the Republicans will not push to protect our elections or Constitution. Citizens of the United States should push hard for the protection of their votes in the coming election, and from foreign manipulation of voters coordinated or colluded with any candidate. Rudy Giuliani is reported to be in Ukraine working on an “investigation” and smearing former US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch via Twitter. The undisciplined presidency that we are experiencing shows no signs of being brought up to any standard that is acceptable for the leader of a republic. It will be ultimately up to the people to vote and make clear what their expectations for leadership are.

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