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Criminal in charge?

The truth is the strength of America. When Americans elect criminals for whatever reason they strike at the heart of the republic. Trump is a criminal on many levels, and he has struck more than once at the heart of America. He started by selling lies about the first Black president, then he appealed to Russia for help in getting elected, finally he called for his followers to overthrow the republic and help him evade the consequences of losing the election and his crimes. The United States is at a crossroads. We can no longer live by a white male gentleman’s agreement. Our leaders must hold themselves accountable to the laws of the country, and not have insider’s justice (not the same as meted out to average citizens). Trump must be held accountable for his insanity or we will see more like him soon. The people who attacked the Capitol must be hunted down and brought to justice for our republic to thrive. Those who would intimidate the republic must be brought to understand the nature of justice, and the wrath of the people. We celebrate the elections in Georgia while we focus on justice for the debasement of our Capitol.

America in chaos leading to?

We have a large question hanging over our country and the answer will depend on the wisdom of the masses. Millions of voters in Georgia will decide on whether two Senators who have used their offices to corruptly enrich themselves will return to do it again. The Georgia vote will signal what Americans really care about, and if there is any moral failing that is too low for a Republican in a red state. Republicans seem to care about selfishness, greed, and power while not building a better country for working people. The COVID pandemic has been badly mishandled leading to lives cut short and economic distress across the country, but the current president and Republican politicians say nothing. Mitch McConnell and his friends say that we must now be concerned with the national debt after giving a large tax cut to the wealthy; while millions stare at disease with no healthcare, possible homelessness, and the mental duress that comes with life on the edge. The eighty plus million people who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wait to see if Donald Trump and his Republican political minions will destroy the constitution, while law enforcement is on the lookout for white supremacist terrorists who want to support the overthrow of our republic. I am hopeful that the republic will survive the current chaos, but democracy cannot last long if those who assault it are not held accountable. We are currently an unstable country dealing with multiple threats that have not all been mentioned in this post. Contact your representatives and let them know that you expect them to honor their oath of office and defend the constitution.

Is there a bottom?

Donald Trump continues to show that he has no belief system or soul; there is no bottom for him. People who support him show that they are ignorant or evil. The question is what will we do about it as citizens who possess souls, a sense of dignity, respect for life, or whatever you want to call it. Trump works overtime to make it clear that current American politics are aimed squarely at our fellow citizens, and we as citizens need to make ourselves more aware of what we are doing. I do not believe that being in the opposite party makes you evil or hateful of America. Believing in lies or not taking time to seek the truth makes you a threat to America and enough threats equals catastrophe. We have corporations dedicated to making money on the backs of angry Americans while lying and distorting for the bottom line. We have foreign enemies who want to assist our hatred of fellow Americans. We must take the time to study the issues that impact our daily lives and make sure that we look out for more than our own interests; we must put America and the hope for a better day first. The threat of the collapse of the American dream is real, and we must make sure that we use our votes as ballast against hitting the bottom, and destroying the dream of America.

Chaos in America

Despite chaos being pushed from the Oval Office the country continues to respect it’s citizens and their vote. Lies and liars do not dominate our country yet. We have to push on to Inauguration Day despite the pandemic, armed citizens harassing officials to get their way, and an array of threats to decency in our republic. The Republican Party is in trouble and if enough people vote for them without forcing a correction; the problem will metastasize to destroy the country as we know it. Joe Biden has been elected to fill the breach, but he will need all the help he can get. Every American must research, prepare, and act to protect the United States Constitution and our rights as citizens. “The vote is our most powerful non-violent tool” said John Lewis, and he was right. In my book “Centurion Crew (a great gift idea available at Amazon) a group of patriots battle to save the republic from evil, but this is reality and the heroes are the majority of us; if we are to be saved.

Leading in the wrong way

As our political system seems stuck in a spiral of self-destruction America leads the world in failed response to the COVID19 pandemic. We have allowed the most important job to be failed while focusing on selfishness and hatred of fellow Americans. The article titled “The Unraveling of America” is a lengthy but riveting expose on where the United States is historically and in the current day. America is in trouble and the sooner we realize our jeopardy the more likely we are to emerge stronger. I am hopeful that the Biden-Harris administration is aware of the danger, but they cannot solve the problem alone. Research and vote for candidates who are ready to deal with the issues that threaten the survival of America, and the world!

Deserved Government

Recent and upcoming elections have underlined that we the people receive the government that we deserve. I don’t mean that every individual is receiving what they deserve, but as the American electorate we do. Georgia is voting on two senate seats with the two incumbents both being accused of insider trading of stocks based on information they received as representatives of the people. The people of Georgia will determine whether the incumbents return despite what would be criminal acts if they were not US Senators. Why would our representatives not be corrupt if the public will not hold them accountable? We are hopefully leaving the time of Trump where lies and absurdities were accepted and routine because the majority of voters said; enough! We are entering a new period where we will discover whether or not some people are above the law. We are becoming an unstable country because there are too many hidden agendas weakly concealed by lies. Republicans seem to believe they will be better off if their fellow citizens are controlled or diminished, and they are willing to accept disrespect for themselves to get it. The Republican Southern Strategy has delivered a toxicity of racism and hatred that is destroying our democracy. We have all been diminished by this belief-system and we must confront and outvote this poison in our country.