Chaos in America

Despite chaos being pushed from the Oval Office the country continues to respect it’s citizens and their vote. Lies and liars do not dominate our country yet. We have to push on to Inauguration Day despite the pandemic, armed citizens harassing officials to get their way, and an array of threats to decency in our republic. The Republican Party is in trouble and if enough people vote for them without forcing a correction; the problem will metastasize to destroy the country as we know it. Joe Biden has been elected to fill the breach, but he will need all the help he can get. Every American must research, prepare, and act to protect the United States Constitution and our rights as citizens. “The vote is our most powerful non-violent tool” said John Lewis, and he was right. In my book “Centurion Crew (a great gift idea available at Amazon) a group of patriots battle to save the republic from evil, but this is reality and the heroes are the majority of us; if we are to be saved.

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