Is there a bottom?

Donald Trump continues to show that he has no belief system or soul; there is no bottom for him. People who support him show that they are ignorant or evil. The question is what will we do about it as citizens who possess souls, a sense of dignity, respect for life, or whatever you want to call it. Trump works overtime to make it clear that current American politics are aimed squarely at our fellow citizens, and we as citizens need to make ourselves more aware of what we are doing. I do not believe that being in the opposite party makes you evil or hateful of America. Believing in lies or not taking time to seek the truth makes you a threat to America and enough threats equals catastrophe. We have corporations dedicated to making money on the backs of angry Americans while lying and distorting for the bottom line. We have foreign enemies who want to assist our hatred of fellow Americans. We must take the time to study the issues that impact our daily lives and make sure that we look out for more than our own interests; we must put America and the hope for a better day first. The threat of the collapse of the American dream is real, and we must make sure that we use our votes as ballast against hitting the bottom, and destroying the dream of America.

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