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Now and Later

The Trump administration has developed a record of ignoring science and medicine when they can. The story of the Covid19 virus in the United States is a story of a lack of knowledge leading to a lack of urgency and disaster. This week the Trump administration rolled back EPA fuel standards that were developed to fight the climate crisis which they also deny. When the lights come on and people begin to ask questions the administration has no problem lying or deflecting blame. I believe the virus we are currently battling is a chance to get better at dealing with coming challenges using science and truth. The election of 2020 may be an existential fork in the road for humanity. Please take the time to study and think before you vote in November. If we are not careful this administration will kill us now and later. Vote as if your life, or your families lives depended on it; they do.

Loving this life

I make time on a regular basis to count the blessings of my life. Not all of my blessings but those that come to mind. The habit comes in handy regularly and especially at stressful times like the Covid19 pandemic. I can feel the insidious growth of anxiety when I talk with others or listen to the news. We have a lot to think about for ourselves and those we care about. The good news is that because of this threat more Americans and people worldwide will consider science more seriously on climate crisis. Thinking about the joy of taking a breath of fresh air seems more meaningful when it is threatened by a virus. I feel lucky to live in a country that can produce cures for disease despite not providing access to healthcare for everyone. I feel fortunate that so many people know we can be better tomorrow and are acting to make it happen. They say the mind can make energy out of anything including tragedy. I am hopeful that our current problems can be a catalyst for a truly better country.

The Power of Words

Words matter because they are the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas. It is true that a large percentage of communication is non-verbal, but the words we choose and our tone are what we cling to. Listening to a Jocko Podcast it was revealed that the most important c;characteristic of a Marine officer is tact. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it is a cornerstone of leadership. I recently listened to two politicians discuss America going back to work. One politician just threw out a date and said he would like to see everyone back to work by that date, the other said there will come a point where the threat of virus and the need to get back to work will cross, but he did not know when that would be. The two men likely had similar ideas about Americans returning to work, but one man had little tact and is not seen by many as much of a leader.

It is hard not being in control

Most all of us are dealing with the specter of disease having so much control over our lives. As a believer in God it is comforting to lean on Lord in a world of uncertainty. I know that many people do not believe in God, but for me belief makes more sense than not doing so. Life is amazing even with horrific events, pain, and injustice. I feel fortunate to be able to count my blessings and to know that I need to. Coronavirus is scary on a personal level. Fight back by thinking of all of the things you are grateful about that a virus cannot take away.

Is it your life, or are you a puppet?

Increasing information and research shows that human beings need to own their results and behavior to maximize potential. Everyone with experience knows that there are forces beyond our control that impact our lives, but that giving our power away to others or the unknown weakens us. It is important for our mindset to realize the importance of our choices while not being paralyzed by them. Life takes courage, humor, and confidence in the face of shifting fortunes. Whatever happens maximize your ownership, skills, and confidence by believing in your ability to influence the life you lead. Believing in yourself and your power is the best hand you could ask for in this life.

“We all live in prisons made of what we believe to be true but is not.” – Unknown

The thought expressed by these words is provocative and rings true. When I heard these words I was listening to a radio program about reaching your potential and how our beliefs can keep us from our potential. Beliefs about our world and ourselves that are not true are probably the most common beliefs, and likely hold our world back from what it could be. Knowing the truth will set us free thank God, and to get to it we even have to get beyond ourselves. The words make me think of what I believe to be true and why. What does freedom mean to me, and how do my beliefs create my understanding? What questions does the quote bring to your mind?

Black History Month

February is Black History month. It is a time to remember the many people who risked their lives to push for greater freedom to a group of people targeted for harassment and marginalization by the larger society. I think of heroes from Fanny Lou Hamer to Crispus Attucks who not only dreamed of a better day for African Americans but bravely risked everything to make it happen. The courage of heroes is necessary to overcome the strength of evil ideas that gain acceptance because they are expedient to the larger society. Everyone wants to feel special and advantaged in life but the question is who are you willing to handicap to get that feeling? Minorities around the world have been victimized by the answer to this question. Human beings have grown in their ability to see those who are not like them as people deserving of dignity, but we live in a time of increasing insecurity and tribalism. What will the future look like for human dignity? The answer to the question seems bleak right now, but I remain hopeful that there are many more heroes among us who will lead humanity toward the light.

King Holiday words to ponder

Dr. Martin Luther King said that “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” As I look at today’s challenges this quote resonates as loudly as it ever has. We poison our planet with carbon and plastic while a few thousand billionaires have more wealth than over four billion people. In the United States and other countries tribalism is on the rise and threatens to destroy any effort at global collaboration to save, or improve life on our planet. Many Americans say they would rather have a dictator who thinks like they do rather than have a constitutional republic. Fools and foolish thinking is at high tide right now, but we can change that in 2020… it may be our last chance in more ways than one.

Did he, or didn’t he

Lev Parnas has released documents and an interview that show The current president was soliciting assistance from a foreign government for the 2020 US presidential election. Clear criminal behavior on several levels that must be confronted by our leaders on multiple levels including legally. Should the senate fail to take the assault on our elections and Constitution seriously then the republic will be undermined. Send your senators a clear message that you demand a fair and impartial hearing of all the evidence available. There is an application called “5 Calls” that you can use to contact your representatives. Be a citizen and demand the US Constitution be defended and taken seriously by Mitch McConnell and every member of the US Senate.

The argument for a Trump vote continues to weaken

For even the most determined supporter of Trump the moral arguments in favor of voting for him continue to vanish (if they ever existed). The world is increasingly complex and intertwined, but we have an administration stripping the government of experts of all kinds. The 45th president makes decisions based on opposing whatever his predecessor did, and does not seem to apply any kind of higher level thinking to problems or relationships. Lies are the most used tool of the President. The United States is dealing with increasing problems on a national, international, and planetary level, but we lack leadership that inspires respect of any sort. Who would vote for that?