Trump or America?

The last four years and recent events have spelled out the choice that we have ahead of us: 1. Donald Trump and more insanity 2. The American republic and the orderly pursuit of our potential as a nation. A large percentage of citizens have been deceived by media hacks and politicians to believe that Trump will bring success for them. Another large percentage of citizens believe in the American republic and shared prosperity based on hard work paying off. The second group of citizens see Trump for what he is; an amoral opportunist who wants to change our government towards authoritarianism. After speaking to Russian President Putin today Trump attacked peaceful protesters to appear strong in a photo opportunity. Trump sees Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. Putin’s motto is said to be “anything for my friends, and for my enemies the law”. The current president is following in Putin’s footsteps with Bill Barr using the Justice department to help allies and pursue those who threaten Trump with truth. Four more years of Trump likely spells the end of the American republic. Do your own research, spread the word, make sure you are registered, and vote in 2020.

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