Racism and our current reality

Donald Trump rode to prominence questioning Barrack Obama’s citizenship by claiming he was not born here. Trump lied saying he had evidence but later admitted he had none after successfully using racism to takeover the Republican Party and become president. Trump continues to lie as our system of justice continues to victimize African Americans and working-class people. It seems that every year we experience black citizens being killed in horrific videos or stories with things getting worse as the weather heats up. Poor people in urban areas riot to vent rage, while rural and suburban folks vote for radical conservatives who want to pack courts to minimize civil rights. America’s war with itself weakens the country and our enemies celebrate it. Under Trump our image around the world has never been lower while our allies make plans to move forward without American leadership. We need a new president desperately not to change things in the short term, but because we are heading in a hopeless direction.

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