Culture of Lying

We currently have political leadership more beholding to Trump and the Republican Party than the United States Constitution. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are not pillars of morality or decency, but they control our government for the worse. Both men appear motivated by ego and the desire to profit from their office. They use partisan motives to weaken institutions while relatives and friends are placed in positions of power. Their chosen ones gain access to resources and opportunities that others cannot get. McConnell covers for Trump and he gives him judges, etc. Republican senators stand with these two men out of fear, cowardice, and a lack of conviction. People see the criminality in Washington DC, and getting away with murder is more than political when police officers kill an unarmed man, on camera, in daylight. It is becoming obvious that our society is threatened by a growing culture of official criminality and lying. America faces the mother of all elections while Republicans fear more people participating, and fight the expansion of voting by mail (during a pandemic). Only citizens can put an end to this rot. Have a plan, do your homework, and vote every time starting in 2020!

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