Stress Test by Timothy F. Geithner

The book Stress Test (Reflections on Financial Crisis) by Timothy F. Geithner (former Secretary of Treasury) is a great source of information about the global financial system. I can say that I learned a lot by listening to the audiobook version. Mr. Geithner refers several times to the movie “Its a Wonderful Life” when people rush to pull money out of the Bailey savings and loan. That movie moment has always resonated to me as a way to understand the financial system. The system is based on trust and as Geithner says; “when trust disappears no one is safe” and that means especially the little guy. I have heard many people say that the bankers got away with murder, and the bailouts were unfair because only poor and working people were hurt. Geithner makes it clear that what he calls “Old Testament solutions” of punishment cause panic in financial systems(with lots more pain for the little guy). I would recommend anyone wanting to learn more about the financial system, the crisis of 2007-08 to read this book and “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis.

America can do it

The United States has the expertise, manufacturing capability, and imagination to overcome any threat that we can accurately define. The problems come when we are dealing with issues that are beyond our understanding, politicians lie about, or the time it takes for us to learn about the threat. All three of the mentioned challenges to America dealing with the challenge of the pandemic exist now. Trump is lying, the threat is a previously unknown virus, and scientist are learning about the threat but the president will not allow them to speak. America will show the the world leading capability that it has after our leadership changes; until then the unnecessary pain will continue.

Government repression in America

Recent reports of scientists at the Center for Disease Control not being allowed to speak, and now Dr. Fauci not allowed to testify to the House of Representatives are disturbing. A pandemic has hit the United States hard leaving many questions about how our government handled the threat. Our experts are being muzzled by the Trump administration. After losing tens of thousands of Americans we have a right to know what happened and how we will proceed. I hope that the United States begins to take advantage of our powerful institutions to defeat the COVID-19 threat, but we have not done so yet. Leadership makes the difference between potential and achievement. Vote in 2020!

Hijacked medical supplies

I have heard many stories of states bidding against one another to purchase medical supplies which are suddenly taken by FEMA or other federal government agencies. Where are those supplies going? Several governors have alleged that the current administration is playing politics with medical supplies during this pandemic. The supplies are taken from states seen as politically hostile and sent to friendly ones. It is critical that accountability is restored to government by ensuring that the truth emerges, and we do not slide into a nation of shadows. In a nation of shadows rumors and corruption are rampant while truth dies of strangulation. It is critical that once the current administration concludes the truth is brought to light by hearings or trials.

Health advisory for Presidential press conferences?

We have come to the point where dangerous and incorrect information is coming from the White House and Trump’s mouth. Nations, companies, and people around the world are stunned that the current president is so ignorant and unaware that he would recommend injecting yourself with disinfectant. At the same press conference yesterday it was also suggested that people put light inside their bodies. This was not the first time that dangerous statements and/or lies were propagated by the president. America has a severe problem that is not getting better. We spend trillions of dollars to maintain a government to make our lives better, and yet we have put a person in charge of it who appears to lack basic mental and character skills. Please research the candidates and vote in 2020!

Leadership makes all the difference

President Franklin D. Roosevelt reportedly said that if you tell Americans the truth, they can handle anything. We live in a time of crisis where many do not believe national leaders to tell the truth, and rumors are widespread. I have heard many people say that when we elect a president we are choosing a crisis manager. Everyone should focus on the character and intelligence of the candidates in the 2020 presidential election. Your first tell is does the person believe in science and/or climate change. Vote like your life depended on it in 2020!

A president of character is needed

Many Americans are looking for a president of character who can stand by his word and be what he appears to be. Trump represents the opposite of what built America and what an enemy of the country would want occupying the presidency. A man whose only consistencies are lying and covering up while saying one thing and doing another. The current president excels at turning Americans against one another and their own best interest. He openly has said that he believes foreigners over his own intelligence agencies as proven by the current pandemic; which he was warned about, but did nothing to prepare for. Many thoughtful and patriotic Americans wonder openly who he is working for; himself, foreign oligarchs, a foreign power? The upcoming vote is critical to Americans standing up for themselves and all those who sacrificed to create a nation of laws that was the envy of the world. Please research from multiple sources and vote in 2020.