Struggling to breath, now and later?

Selfish Americans love Trump. 45 feeds their ego either through short-term stock market gains, or perceived social status as hatred of minorities is mainstreamed. The world can go to hell and selfish Americans don’t care as long as they get what they want. The administration sells illusions of toughness while allowing COVID-19 to run rampant and kill as it sees fit. Trump does not own it all because he sends mixed messages; some in the administration say wear a mask while others don’t wear one and say it is not a big deal. America has one of the worst governments for handling COVID-19 and our death toll continues to be the horrific. Trump has a similar strategy for Climate Change; just speak from both sides of the mouth and fight or ignore science. Americans are dying from the virus struggling to breathe and the president does not seem to care. In coming years Climate Catastrophe will cause difficulty surviving if we continue to dither as Trump does today. The price of the current administration is devastation for America now and later. Research and vote this year, and every vote like your life depends on it; it does.

Frightening Politicization

America’s top intelligence official and the Director of the FBI spoke to the American people tonight about attempts by Iran and Russia to influence our elections. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) who is a former Republican congressman (known for being ethically challenged) claimed that Iran wanted to hurt Trump but gave no evidence. I have no doubt that foreign powers want to damage America by using the elections, but they get a lot of help from the current president. A president who lies all the time, has asked for foreign help in the 2016 election, and encourages domestic terrorists to stand back and standby is a challenge to trust. DNI Ratcliffe as the messenger providing an interpretation of intentions leaves another weakness in the American defense apparatus. America’s major strength has been truth; whether it is the search for truth through science, or the ability to rally people to the truth of human dignity and justice. Trump’s desperation to avoid accountability and continue his crime spree are the main threat to the dream of America. It is sad that he has us to the point of being immediately doubtful of people in positions of leadership in our defense. Research and vote in 2020 and every election to save our republic!

Are the scientists idiots or….

The current president has appeared on video saying that Dr. Fauci and the other experts are idiots. Trump continuously makes you wonder who are the people that think he is good for the country. Trump says what he is about; being a dictator, not taking care of Americans, and blaming others when things go wrong. Every person of stature has called this election as critical to saving the republic and limiting the damage being done to our futures by this administration. Yet Trump continues to sell people on being selfish and hateful. He asks his followers to believe his lies and he will harm the people that they want hurt in America. He also threatens to endanger or imprison anyone that he is unhappy with, a topic he continuously explores as an outcome of presidential power. Research what is happening in America today and vote your conscious.

Is Trump planning to go to Russia if he loses?

It is being reported that Trump is threatening to leave the country if he loses the election. Is he planning to go to Russia? It would make sense if he did. The unexplained money that he owes and resources that he used to expand his business have been reported to come from Russians. If he were acting as a foreign agent while in office and had earned bonuses he could collect them in Russia without worrying about trials, FBI, or IRS agents. Trump has done a lot of work that is benefiting others more than American citizens. Our republic has been attacked in a variety of ways by the current administration. It cannot all be random, a crime wave, or the rantings of a mentally addled person that so much from the Oval Office has damaged America. As Americans and human beings we look to make sense of the world around us. Trump trying to run to a foreign country would bring a horrific sense of closure to a long nightmare.

The voting has started in the most important elections of our lives

Notice that the title is the most important elections of our lives; plural and not singular. Every voter needs to realize that it is not just about Trump, but the Republican Party that has enabled our current reality to exist. Trump and his administration have been on a four year spree with no accountability while Republicans are still after Hillary Clinton’s emails. Four years ago Republicans said a new Supreme Court justice should not even be considered while primary elections took place, and now they are pushing a selection after general elections have started. Americans are seeing politicians and leaders lie, cheat, and steal on a massive scale; America is at an inflection election and will normalize kleptocracy or re-animate our republic. If Joe Biden wins he will need a Senate and House of Representatives to do anything substantial like healthcare. Gerrymandering and police abuse will continue if state representatives, mayors, city councils, district attorneys, and other local politicians are not focused on respect and justice for all citizens. Learn about the candidates and issues then vote up and down the ballot in 2020, and every election!

Why don’t Republicans stand up?

Donald Trump is an outrageous criminal liar who doesn’t care about much beyond himself. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that the current president is unfit to hold any office. The real question are the motives of all Republican office holders and voters for Trump. In the face of growing evil why do these people stick with a monstrous effort to destroy America and any semblance of law and order? The outrages and assaults on the Constitution are too numerous to name, but Trump supporters in the Senate, Fox “News”, and state houses across the country remain. Many Democrats are shocked that the hatred is this intense, but the reality is clear and every American must be ready to stand for what they believe in. I hope that the vote against the current regime is overwhelming and that we start to move toward civility as a country. Every American should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020!

Extremists start to act on Trump’s suggestions

The news that the governor of Michigan was the target of a plot to kidnap and murder her is appalling. I wrote a thriller (Centurion Crew available at Amazon) based on a fictional president using racists militias to overthrow the republic. When I wrote the book I was thinking of worst case scenarios, but the headlines keep walking closer to my plot. It is uncomfortable to live in times when unstable people actively seek power while spouting evil thoughts and ideas. So far we have had elements of the government uphold their allegiance to the Constitution. I pray that reality does not mirror fiction. Tom Clancy said “The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense.”. Let’s vote and work to make sure the good guys win, and America helps to save the world from Climate Change and evil.

Huffing and puffing at the White House

It was a frightening to see the current president seeming like he was trying to look normal while clearly struggling with normal functioning. I am not a fan of the current administration, but I do not like to see people struggling with reality. Our great country has achieved its status due to educated citizens and leadership making smart moves. We are in a position today that we have rarely been in; looking like idiots on the world stage. The president will hopefully pull through his current infection, but he clearly is placing others and the country at risk by his behavior. Denial is not a strategy, and certainly is not worthy of the greatest nation in the world. Trump has failed on a massive scale and it is important that as many people as possible recognize his failure for what it is. Vote for the Biden/Harris ticket to get our great country back on the path to global leadership and recovery!

Trump is finally taking it seriously

I don’t like even appearing to be joyful at the suffering of another human being. I hope that Trump recovers from COVID-19 and learns a lesson as he retires to private life and faces overdue accountability in 2021. The president has been a poster boy for entitlement and white privilege as he shows no empathy for people that he does not need. A Trump administration spokesperson has stated that he is taking COVID-19 seriously which is new for everyone paying attention the last 6 months. Trump even clowned Joe Biden for wearing a mask at Tuesday’s debate as he and his family wore none. Trump’s personal tribulation in catching the coronavirus should be a clear notice to everyone that he is unfit to continue as president. Research and vote to end the abomination of the Trump administration in 2020!

S*@#show Debate

Trump showed himself to be a true threat to America at Tuesday nights debate. He lies, creates threats to minority citizens and every decent person, blocks the truth, and generally attacks our republic. It seems like desperation from Trump, but he has always been high energy as he sold his lies and created an alternate reality. My question remains the same; “Who supports this guy and what do you think you will get?”. Every major figure who is respectable has announced warnings that our future as a republic is at stake in the coming election. Racists and fascists rally to Trump because they recognize he is one of them. Trump continues to attack our process of selecting leaders. He is trying to block what he believes is the will of the people; a Biden presidency. Trump’s behavior lines up with an evil fictional president in my book Centurion Crew (available at Amazon). Tell everyone you know to vote for Joe Biden to save our republic!