Quid pro Quo?

The president tried to use tax payer funds in exchange for an attack on a political rival in the 2020 campaign. That is a crime on multiple levels. The president has broken his oath of office as the highest elected official in our country; that is crime one because he is using funds that are not his for political advantage. The president is also targeting American citizens by leveraging foreign leaders with tax payer money; another crime. The president is offering a bribe to foreign leaders to help him in his next political election; another crime. The president is trying to say that what he has done is business as usual; a moral crime at minimum. The president lies and says that everyone behaves like this to the American people; another moral crime at minimum. The president pulls the American people in a direction that undermines trust in our system; a moral crime at minimum. Many people believe that the president is beholden to Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs of Russia for saving his real estate business; true or not America has a problem to deal with.

Climate crisis milestones

In the last few days we have seen the first extreme fire alert in California accompanied by dangerous fast moving fires, and the readjustment of the number of people threatened by worldwide coastal flooding in 2050 raised by 300%. Scientist are starting to speculate about migration patterns leading people to leave drought ravaged farm areas for coastal cities which are dealing with flooding. Video of the fires in California due to Santa Ana winds show the danger for fire fighters as wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour. An ember can be picked up by the wind and start a fire behind the fire fighting line while fires blaze like jet engines on dry brush and grass. As a society we face increasing threats that will multiply in force if we continue our current ways. Vote as if your future depends on addressing climate crisis; it does.

Lock him up?

In the current reality of our republic every citizen should stay up on current events using multiple sources. A baseball game is not a typical source for political news. During Sunday’s World Series game the current president was booed at apparently 100 decibels, and fans chanted “lock him up!”. The chants are not a good thing, but are totally understandable given the steady stream of reports on presidential wrongdoing. I agree with pundits who say that the office of the presidency should be respected, but we do live in a republic full of citizens who possess freedom of speech. I am proud of our country and our citizens when they base their actions and choices on facts. Was the chant too negative? Maybe. We live in challenging times that push all of us to think before we act, but I would rather see expression and action than timidly bowing to norms in abnormal times.

No Sunshine Patriots

Civil servants are standing up for American values when elected representatives shirk their duties and allow tyrannical behavior to flourish. It seems the only truth tellers who stand up for the country are people who are paid to work in anonymity. To those who have stood up for truth I say thank you, and you are in my prayers. Those who run to be elected as leaders and act like they don’t recognize right from wrong; I hope you see the truth someday. As you observe this assault on our republic make sure you are doing something to resist the forces of tyranny, and maintain the rule of law.

Government contract laws are no joke

As a former military member and government employee I was often informed of the seriousness of government contracts, and making sure the law was followed. I was glad to see that President Trump did not try to proceed with awarding himself a contract to host the G7 summit at his Doral Resort. The emoluments clause of the United States Constitution forbids the president from making money for or through official acts. A Doral based G7 summit would have been the current president brazenly breaking the law again. Even a little bit of respect for the law should make us all feel good these disturbing times.

All roads lead to Putin

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that “All roads lead to Putin with you” to Donald Trump, and Admiral William McRaven says that he feels the current president is attacking the republic; we have a problem. Esteemed, sober, and patriotic Americans are sounding the alarm that Donald Trump is threatening the rule of law in our country. Most Americans feel that it is time for Trump to go. Our representatives in the House and the Senate need to be held accountable for their votes on the future of our country. As citizens we must make our first priority the preservation of our republic; not tax cuts, social policy, or a strong military. These are serious times. Tell everyone you know to contact their representative and let them know how you feel. Long live the republic!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse

The executive branch of our government seems to be either in total confusion, or participating in criminal acts. I have always felt that the American people should chose the smartest person with the most character as our leader. Clearly in the last election due to Republican and Russian propaganda many people thought they would roll the dice on a known liar (Birtherism) and admitted criminal (grab them by the..). I believe that truth is America’s most powerful weapon, and it is only recently been brought to bear. We will find out a lot of things that as citizens we did not believe our government leaders would do, but because an apparent criminal group is in power the worst has happened. I am prayerful that we will find out the full extent of how bad this attack on our republic is; so that we can defend ourselves in the future.