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Do you need a break?

At a time when chaos seems to rule our society it is easy to feel anxious and the need to escape for a bit. Widespread corruption that seems to go to the top of our government, climate change leading to incredibly hot days and forest fires, and no one intelligent seeming to be in charge. I have a remedy for you. Read my new book “Centurion Crew: A Mack Johnson Novel”. You will be taken to a world where men and women actively defend the constitution. Where bad actors run into the limits of evil doing, and the good guys make a stand using intelligence and guile. I wrote the book considering what could happen if an amoral fascistic person became president and there were persons with a mission to defend the republic. I think you will enjoy the book which is available on Amazon as an Ebook for $9.99.

Birds of a feather flock together

If many of your friends are in jail and under investigation then it would be reasonable for people to suspect you of similar behavior or at least knowing about it. If your friends are saying they are protecting you or your interests; then the suspicion would logically be more intense. As adults and citizens we have a duty to seek the truth and act on it. Ideology should never push us to support lies or liars. Jesus told us that the truth would set us free – we all need to follow his guidance and protect our republic by supporting the pursuit of truth.

Shorter winters and longer summers

As we head into the shortest days of the year in the USA; remember that the cool or cold days you are experiencing will not be around for long. Think about any children in your life, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. – the world they will live in will be significantly different (and harsher) if we don’t act decisively. Do anything that you can to decrease your carbon footprint and influence policy (vote) for responsibly tackling the problem of man-made climate change.

Battling climate change

Our climate is changing due to human activity. Accepting this truth means that we have to do something about it. We are told that human behaviors that release carbon into the atmosphere are the chief cause of climate change. What can we do to reduce our carbon footprint (release of carbon per person)? Every able person should think about what you can do; fewer trips, hybrid cars, electric cars, public transportation, solar panels, efficient insulation …the list of is long. Communicate, learn, and share what you can about caring for our environment. Our lives and future depend on it.

California burning

The great state of California is on the front line of fighting Global Warming in more ways than one. Fires are an on-going threat to this beautiful state due to. Il are change. California also leads the efforts In this country to develop technologies and policies to mitigate the damage of climate change. We should all root for the brave fire-fighters, and the progressive leaders in business and government confronting man-made climate change.

Wins and Losses

To everyone who voted this past Tuesday I say congratulations for fulfilling your duty as a citizen and thank you. No one got everything they wanted, but we made a difference. Now we move forward to our other duties as citizens which include staying up on societal issues, helping out in the community, and communicating to others about things that are important. Everyday is a fresh opportunity to make a difference- let’s seize the day and not cede it to bullies, or those who undermine dignity and respect.

I agree with Oprah

As an African-American who has read a lot of history; I know Oprah is right. Anyone who fails to vote dishonors the struggles of their ancestors no matter what your origins. Humanity has moved to increasing levels of democracy (in certain countries). The progress towards greater access to the vote has come through pain and sacrifice. Now all you have to do is get registered and vote. Do your part.

Three cheers for Law Enforcement

We live in a time where many people seem to be okay with selfishness and disrespect for others. Our diverse society demands that we practice civility, and have equal status under the law. Groups are constantly pushing for super-citizen status; where some have more rights or get the benefit of the doubt when others don’t. We have to resist the urge to claim, or expect more than our fellow citizens in the public square. We must support and demand that our legal system and law enforcement treat all citizens fairly, and protect the rule of law.