Louisville, Kentucky

I am still recovering from the results of the Grand Jury in Louisville and what it means to the rest of us. We have laws that say we can defend our homes from invasion by outsiders, but most of the witnesses say the police did not identify themselves in a late night raid. Only one witness of thirteen said he heard the police identify themselves. One officer was spotted with a body camera, but official reports say there was not one. The officers that carried out the no-knock warrant were not the same ones who investigated the case. The casual errors leading to a major catastrophic event are not excusable and the people of Louisville deserve a full accounting of how a citizen was killed. The officers should be held accountable for any behaviors that led to loss of life just like any other citizen. As a society we cannot have super citizens or lesser citizens. The protection and jeopardy of the law should always be predicated on transparency and truth. Vote in 2020 to strengthen decency and truth! Like the heroes of my book Centurion Crew (available on Amazon) act to protect our republic.

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