Fall is in the air

After a long hot summer it is good to feel cooler weather. This summer has provoked anxiety in me and the people I communicate with. Excessively hot days, ash in the air, long-time plants stressed by the heat; it has been rough. I have always loved the season of summer for swimming, vacations, and general relaxation, but this one was different. I travelled to several cities this summer and experienced ash in the air in all of them. It was scary to think that there was no where to escape the effects of massive forest fires, except for places that were hurricane watch or under lockdown restrictions anyway. Football and fall have always been positives for me so I am glad they are here. I am going to spend some time with good books (checkout my book, a thriller called Centurion Crew at Amazon) and tune out some of the politics. I will vote as soon as I can and I hope you do too!

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