Is it about Trump, or his supporters?

There is a lot of talk about Donald Trump and the chaos he brings to the United States, but the problem is not he and his perversity; it is the people who support what he is doing. Trump repeatedly lies to, and mocks his supporters who regularly show up to be infected with COVID-19 at his rallies. The question that comes to mind is why do they do it? What is driving them to support a man who does not respect them, and attacks their fellow citizens? Do these people want to walk over the corpses of their countrymen to elevated status due to racism? Do they hate their country as it is now? Do Trump’s people live in a different reality than everyone else due to news channels, conservative radio, and social media? There is a lot of speculation about what drives Trump supporters to remain faithful to a man viewed as a threat to the republic, but they stay loyal to what many view as a proven conman. Research and vote in 2020 like your life depends on it, because it does.

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