Cunning, treachery, corruption, and ignorance

Many of us have been guilty of desiring things that we are not able to handle. The current president ran for the office and no one bothered to tell him that lying, corruption, and criminal behavior would get him into trouble. In fact many of our so-called leaders were busily trying to make everything appear okay when they were incredibly wrong. We are now in a situation where our identity as Americans is under assault by our own behaviors as a country. Our executive branch has become a den of thieves, our judicial branch seems to be political pawns, and our legislative branch debates whether lies are true. The American people seem to be showing that they don’t buy lies all of the time, and are ready to confront proven criminality. I am hopeful that the cunning, corrupt, ignorant, and even treasonous persons in positions of power and trust are concerned about their futures.

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