The Future is Here

The devastation in the Bahamas is a picture of our future, and is a model of how we can respond to the challenges that are now here. Our neighbors have been devastated and need our help. The climate crisis will make more demands on every facet of our lives, and our government. The current administration shows no vision or effort to prepare or respond to the climate crisis except to build a wall to keep refugees and immigrants out. I am planning to give money for Bahamas relief after researching the organizations offering help there. As you follow what is happening on our planet these days consider doing what you can to help. Our brothers and sisters who are the first impacted by the climate crisis will not be the last, and we must develop the capacity to respond. We may not be able to control the weather events that are coming, but we can control what we do, and how we act in response. We cannot allow the future to be a nightmare.

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