Republican Patriots?

After watching politics fairly closely for decades I have noticed that the Conservative party seems to get away with more offensive behavior than the progressive one. I understand that some of the ideas on the left are frightening to the moneyed class, and anyone who has experienced success in America. Why would anyone want to bail out someone for mistakes that they have made? Taking out too much in college loans is a personal decision. Too much consumer debt on your part should not mean extra taxes for your neighbors. But what about medical debt due to a broken health care system that is at times predatory? What about payday loans that target hard working people with low incomes? When will Republicans engage in open debate about the issues that make people who work hard for a better life into victims? America has always been about creating a better future for those willing to work for it. Republicans need to focus less on Trump, and more on citizens who work hard and play by the rules.

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