Michelle Obama is right!

I watched Michelle Obama speak tonight and I was amazed at her accuracy in describing our predicament and our challenge. Americans must define themselves and get rid of Trump and the Republican majority in the senate. The future of our nation and the world depends on this election. Trump threatens to not leave the White House if he loses while attacking the US postal service with no evidence. As outrageous and threatening to the republic as Trump is; his threat to the climate is the final nail in the coffin of our human future on the planet. He wants to remove restrictions on methane leaks from oil exploration that major oil companies say are important to fighting climate change. Trump has repeatedly shown that he is ignorant, does not care about humanity, and thrives on casual cruelty. Trump says outrageous things and acts like he is running a criminal organization rather than a government. If America does not rebuke the abomination of his presidency we will be damning ourselves in more ways than one. Please vote like the future and your life depends on it because they do. Research and vote Democrat up and down the ballot in 2020!

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