America saves the world!

I always believed that the headline “America saves the world” was an expectation. I never thought that we would be a role model for fascist and criminal regimes. Many people feel that this is who we are under the Trump regime. We do not defend human rights, democracy, or the rule of law because these concepts are under attack in our country. Americans seem to have been devoured by strange aliens, and transformed into fascists who are frightened by anyone considered an “other”. The coming election will define America and the true narrative of who we are. I look at the American flag as an enigma these days even though I am a veteran. I have hope that the real America will re-emerge and show everyone that we are the leader of the free world. We will re-earn the trust of freedom loving people everywhere when we vote the Biden – Harris ticket into office. Trump is a malevolent force, but Americans will make him irrelevant and save the world from fascism, and the worst form of climate change. I pray that that the forces of hope for mankind will be led by America as we build a better future.

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