The republic or the oligarchy

Some say the choice is between America or Trump, but if you look beneath the surface there is more. We are choosing between our current republic and an oligarchy. An oligarchy is rule by the few similar to what is taking place in Russia under Putin and his friends. Trump and his friends are the American oligarchy in waiting. Who are Trump’s friends? We know that he believes Vladimir Putin over the American intelligence agencies because he said so. We must assume that Mr. Putin is a friend of Trump. Other friends of Trump could only be identified by his tax returns and his trail of transactions. As Trump himself says he loves money and the people who give it to him. We will be making the most important vote of our lifetimes in November. Many have tried to get away with crime, but Trump will have done so if he wins. The statute of limitations will run out on many charges Trump is facing if he achieves another term as president. The American republic will be destroyed by a Trump victory as well as our reputation and soft power. Trump is ignorant, but he is not as dumb as he pretends to be. He knows how to run a scam and not end up in jail (so far). Research the facts through multiple sources and vote to save our republic in 2020!

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