“Hoard food and it rots, hoard money and you rot, hoard power and the nation rots.” – Chuck Palahniuk

This quote is relevant to our nations issues today. Citizens do not trust our institutions and we have a president who openly attacks them. Why is this happening? Could it be that a system of white supremacy has become a direct threat to our potential as a republic? The largest issues of the day are; whether police officers are super citizens with more rights when they victimize minority communities, a political party that ignores the rule of law for a racist president, and a pandemic that impacts minorities due to low paying jobs in crowded conditions with no healthcare. America is heading in a direction that decent people cannot stomach and cannot hide from. Power has been concentrated in the hands of a few with the promise of status to whites while minimizing poor and essential minority workers/people. The rot is apparent and we will see what direction the people choose in 2020. More chaos and rot or hope and growth towards our potential? Make sure that you research and vote this year.

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