Patriots are stout against evil

I am thankful that I live in a country where people believe in the power of the truth, and that justice applies to everyone. I realize that many people are purchased everyday to keep secrets, and make justice lean toward the wealthy and powerful. Nevertheless I am a believer in my fellow citizens, and the righteousness of our constitution and founding ideas. The whistleblowers are risking everything to bring the truth to the American people, and the United States Congress. It may take awhile but eventually Americans do the right thing to paraphrase Winston Churchill. We have to remember that a sizable percentage of Americans thought we should ally with Hitler in World War II. There is always a portion of American society that hold contrary views to the majority. The key people are those who stand up in the face of evil and alert the rest of us to come to the defense of the republic. Remember what is happening now, and vote in every election!

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