Risk Inflation or Oblivion?

Republicans are saying that the Biden Administration wants to spend too much money on human and societal infrastructure, but what is the alternative? The majority of people currently alive believe that the climate is changing rapidly for the worse. Do we wait for the point of no-return to act (have we already done so)? Inflation is a bad economic outcome that can be corrected, but a climate hostile to civilization is not. We have received more than enough warnings from nature to begin our response; the time to act is now. The situation with COVID19 attacking the unvaccinated in a new wave of destruction is an example for us to consider, multiplied exponentially to understand the risk of climate crisis. Once the climate turns against humanity it will not stop until modern society is destroyed. Research and act to prevent catastrophe. The planet will be here after we are gone, but our selfish and egotistical society will be gone if we do not change.

6 thoughts on “Risk Inflation or Oblivion?”

  1. We should cut the use if fossil curls and reduce pollution. Building new roads and bridges sill do just the opposite. Just increasing federal spending will not help reduce carbon in the air.


    1. Isn’t it important to accelerate clean energy for transportation and households? A clean energy grid expansion and supercharger stations on highways would accelerate clean energy adoption.


      1. Windmills and solar panels must be built and maintained by steel, cement and oil for lubrication. Those things fissil fuels to be developed. Clean energy at this loint does not exist as it must be produced and maintained by materials which require fossil fuels to be nade.


      2. We have to decrease carbon emissions if we are to survive. Any restriction on carbon and fossil fuels will depress the economy. That choice will have to be made. Fossil fuel use have to be reduced by about 80 per cent to avoid complete collapse. Choices have to be made


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