Will the Republic hold?

We are experiencing the unthinkable. A president is actively working to overthrow the will of the people as expressed in an election with several Republican officials supporting him. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the Republican Georgia Secretary of State to push using his power to throw Democratic votes away. Trump is soliciting state legislators to overthrow their elections and appoint electors to pick him and not Biden who won. Trump has been referred to as the poster boy for White privilege because he has gotten away with so much criminality and corruption. The world is watching at a story that is not about one man, it is about a nation at war with itself. Is our republic important enough to the majority of Americans to be maintained in the face of Trump’s assault, or is white supremacy more valued? We have failed many tests in the last five years; allowing Trump to emerge as a politician based on the racist Birther lie, not scrutinizing his finances, electing him despite numerous red flags, etc. Americans rose up to stop the madness in the election of 2020; leading to another period of anxiety as we watch Republicans fail to care about decency or the republic. The outcome is not clear, but this cannot go on forever, so think of ways to empower people who represent your values and respect our votes.

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