The search for Equality in America

Joe Biden’s election to the presidency and how people voted is telling. More than 72 million people voted for Trump despite 4 years of watching his corruption, incompetence, racism, and lying. People of color claim they want systemic inequality removed and a chance to develop wealth. I define equality as an equal chance to be successful with dignity and respect for everyone. No one discusses the other side’s view of our society; Republicans say they do not want universal healthcare or other equalizing policies, and do not recognize unequal treatment based on race or ethnicity. The question for America is; are we committed to liberty and justice for all, or will enough Americans buy into an authoritarian style government as long as it preserves white supremacy? 77 million plus citizens voted to continue the American experiment and strive toward a more perfect union. We have not resolved the question of our future course as a nation yet, but the Biden administration will be significant in predicting our future.

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