The thin line between hope and disaster

To re-state the quote from Jesus in the Bible “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. America barely passed a test of our knowledge of the truth in the last election. A man who lies regularly and was identified by many generals, doctors, scientists, journalists, and politicians as a threat to democracy was asked to continue as the president by over 70 million Americans. Fortunately over 75 million Americans knew what the cost of freedom was; knowing the truth and voting based on that knowledge. Many who voted for more Trump had rationalizations; a good economy, democrats were socialists, Joe Biden voted for a Crime Bill. Many minds were blind or minimized the daily truth of lies and attempts to overthrow our constitutional republic. The nearness of disaster in 2020 demands the implementation of policy aimed at making truth more abundant in our country. The next authoritarian personality will likely be accompanied by a more skilled political mind, and be a larger threat. Trump is not gone yet and he is trying to overturn the elections, so we are not out of the woods yet. Stay vigilant and urge your representatives to pass legislation to strengthen our republic.

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