Is Trump planning to go to Russia if he loses?

It is being reported that Trump is threatening to leave the country if he loses the election. Is he planning to go to Russia? It would make sense if he did. The unexplained money that he owes and resources that he used to expand his business have been reported to come from Russians. If he were acting as a foreign agent while in office and had earned bonuses he could collect them in Russia without worrying about trials, FBI, or IRS agents. Trump has done a lot of work that is benefiting others more than American citizens. Our republic has been attacked in a variety of ways by the current administration. It cannot all be random, a crime wave, or the rantings of a mentally addled person that so much from the Oval Office has damaged America. As Americans and human beings we look to make sense of the world around us. Trump trying to run to a foreign country would bring a horrific sense of closure to a long nightmare.

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